.The Act Of Contrition: This is when you ask for forgiveness for the sins you have committed. Is the act to make amends for an offense. This is what I do every Saturday at 5:00 PM right before I go to mass at my local Catholic Parish. I start by offering my priest my act of contrition which goes something like this… O my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven ad the pains of hell. But, most of all because they have offended Thee, my God, who art all good and deserving of all my love.  Oh father, please forgive me but I have to confess that this Latina seduces teen boy and I loved it! The only different thing this weekend was that while I was kneeling in the confession booth, my pink panties were still soaked with his cum and mine mixed together.

One of my closest family friends has a couple of young sweet things at home.

One of them is a young son who just turned 18 years old. I have had my eyes on him for a while now. He loves to hang out around me. We listen to music, dance together and he feels compelled to tell me all about his secrets. He has come to me when he has questions about the girls he messes around with. Is it wrong that this Latina seduces teen boy and enjoys it?

This teen boy decided to pay me a visit.

Last night I had a little too much to drink after a long Fourth Of July weekend and I was feeling kind of tipsy and very horny. The more this young boy talked the more my tight Latina pussy got wet. I wanted to fuck the shit out of him. He continues to tell me that most of the girls he has dated complained to him about how big he was and it was too painful. If you know me at all you know what my next response was… “Well show me what they are complaining about”  I mean can a young 18 years old boy be too fucking big? Hardly ever!

As this young boy dropped his pants I almost choked…

On the wine, I was sipping on. He was in fact a very very big boy! My eyes were coming out of my eye socket. It was extremely hard for me not to devour his cock right there and then. I told him that yes he had a big cock but not super huge. I even told him that a girl with some more experience would not have a problem swallowing that big man meat. He even cupped his balls and he twitched a little and started to leak. As you can imagine by now, I just started stroking his cock and began to suck on his beautiful big mushroom head. Yes! this Latina Seduces Teen Boy.

After gagging on his cock and making a big sloppy mess.

I spread my legs and pulled my pink satin panties to the side. Told him to get down on his knees and start to lick my already wet cunt. I could see the hunger in his eyes and he licked and licked just as he was told. After he got that cunny all wet and slick I sat down on his big fat cock head and I felt so full. I slowly started impelling myself on his cock. It felt so good to be stuffed by a young teenage cock. It was a full 6 pumps of his cock and I was squirting all over his cock.

Latina Seduces Teen Boy, and I loved it!

By the time I saw the clock I rushed him out the door and told him I had to go to church. I felt so good and so guilty for loving teenage cock as much as I love teen pussy. I know I will burn in hell for this.

Well, Father, I am making this confession to you not because I feel I was wrong. But, because I want to do it again. Next time bring his teen sister and fuck and suck her cunny as her big brother fucks my pussy. The things I want to do to them I am betting would even give a Priest a boner. Tell me father, is that boner that you are sporting is it for me, or it is for his young sister, or is it for her well-hung brother.

No worries father your secret is safe with me. I will be thinking of you while I fuck them both. Will you be thinking of us while you jack off in the confessional? I will be back next week and tell you all about how I taught them both how to be cum eaters for me.

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