For my entire life, I have been gifted with mind control over men. Of course, all my amazing skills and beauty make it even better as an adult. I love using my Latina Hypnotic Passion on my playmates. So many of them are unable to resist my skills and begging to be mine. Additionally, my little subs seem to obey better after a session with me.

I am a bad bitch. Then add in all my outstanding skills, brains, and sexy body, and no one can compete with me. My callers go crazy for my Fetish Phone Sex. They tell me I am addicted and they can’t get enough of me. Well, hell yes. Have you seen me? As a strong domme, I can make my sub bitches do anything. Actually, even men that aren’t my subs want to please me.

Using Latina Hypnotic Passion on men is quite thrilling.

Of course, it isn’t for everyone. Some guys aren’t sure about it and feel nervous. Silly men, no need to be wary of my skills and control. I promise my Latina hypnotic passion is going to add more to our time together, making it even more special. There isn’t anything I am not willing to try with my callers.

However, I love giving them my Latina Sensual Domination so much! You see, it is more fun using sensuality to bend them to my will. There are so many types of domination out there and everyone is different in what they prefer. That is the fun of this fetish. Additionally, I find it exciting to show new playmates how sexy and thrilling sensual domination can be.


Most of them are in love with me after their first session!

Not only do I provide my Latina hypnotic passion, but I am also a GFE sex therapy expert. Oh yes, I can help you through your needs for a girlfriend. Together, we can make sure you are getting the ultimate girlfriend experience when we do a session. Whether you want a devoted girl, a cheating girlfriend, or something else, I will give you the best.

And, if you didn’t already guess, I speak more than English. Imagine hearing me in Spanish,  using my Latina hypnotic passion to put you at ease and help you relax for our amazing sex session. Using my amazing gift, I help you get into the perfect state of mind for our naughty fun.

Then, it is all about helping you climax.

Of course, I want to make sure you are shooting the biggest load ever for this sexy diva. As I am using my voice and putting you under my spell, you are getting harder and harder. By the time we are getting to the juicy part, you are so turned on and ready to give me that big cock. And, I am ready to take it. Where do you want to put it?

I am open to all my holes for you. You see, not only does my Latina hypnotic passion put you under my spell, it gets me dripping wet and ready too! By the time we get to the sex, I am ready to rip your clothes off and ride that big dick.

Now, if you are curious and want to try it, call me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke