Have you been exposed to sensual domination yet? If not, you have come to the right place. I am an amazing Latina Domination Goddess. Bringing you a softer version of domination that will have you on your knees worshiping this diva in no time. So many are unaware that this incredibly erotic control even exists. However, it does and it is mind-blowing!

Often, my new callers are curious, but not sure what to expect during my Erotic Domination Phone Sex. And, that is okay. I am here to be your guide, mistress, and all-knowing goddess. My skills are unlike anyone else. I can use my mind, body, clothes, and other tools to bring you a load-blowing experience. Yes, you read that right. I want you to shoot a nice huge load for this goddess.

As a Latina Domination Goddess, my amazing body is the ultimate weapon.

The way I can move these hips and ass will have you begging for my attention. Pantyhose and satin lingerie are the most sexually arousing materials. So many people have no clue they are wearing items that will rock a man’s world. Of course, I know just want to do with them and how to use them.

I will tie your hands with one of my stockings and then wrap a pair around your cock and balls. Not too tightly, just enough pressure so you are feeling the material and your balls are filling up. My satin panties can go on your head, in your mouth or if I am feeling very naughty, I will run them along the shaft of your cock. And, trust me, it is pure pleasure during that moment.

This is one of the most erotic ways to control a man.

Additionally, I love bringing in sex toys too. However, it is an exhilarating feeling to use everyday items in teasing you. After my sessions, you will never look at your wife the same when she is walking around in her lingerie. You will always be thinking of me and wanting to take her right then and there.

The idea of you fucking her with me on your mind is awesome. That is why I am the BEST Latina Domination Goddess. Men leave our sessions physically but I am always on your mind and in your thoughts. The way I play with you is like nothing you have ever experienced or will ever experience outside of our time together. That is why you become my sweet little sub.


Coming back, again and again, begging for more!

You will call, text, and email me, just to find a way to have time with me in between our sessions. It is a regular occurrence for me with my little subbies. Every one of them getting addicted to my skills and style. Of course, I fucking love it. The more men bowing down to me, the more I am in control of your lives. And this Latina domination goddess loves control in every way!

I love it when an alpha male comes to me. He is strong, and used to being in charge of everything. Then I use my skills and tools, bringing him down many pegs. Not unlike my Spicy Latina SPH. So many alpha men running around with tiny little peckers believing it doesn’t matter. Oh, but it does fucking matter and I don’t tolerate itty bitty dicks.

Of course, my sensual domination can be combined with my humiliation too.

I believe it is my responsibility to help all men with tiny cocks own their inadequacies. So I can easily add that into your sessions with this Latina Domination Goddess. It is a pleasure to do multiple things at once with you. Now, be aware, with the SPH humiliation, I get mean and nasty. Especially if you are one of those guys that think it is okay with us girls.

There are so many options during our sessions. Of course, I have no limits, so all you have to do is call me with that naughty fantasy and we make it happen. As far as sensual domination, if you want to know what goes on, you have to call and schedule a session to find out!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke