Oh, there is nothing like a steamy Friday night at the club. Everyone is here having fun. All of us are ready to get our Latina Dirty Dancing on. Of course, many of us know, are taking it from the dance floor to the bedroom by the end of the night.

The club is full of sexy men and women. All of them are wearing gorgeous clothes, jewelry, and dancing shoes. I take my time doing my rounds through the club and checking everyone out. My girls and I love seeing who is doable.

And, tonight, there are a lot of doable peeps out. Both men and women, from what I am seeing. Of course, I am open to both! This girl is ready to play with everyone. As long as they are bringing climaxes to the table, it is all good!

There is a special atmosphere with Latina Dirty Dancing in the house!

Everyone is feeling it tonight. Therefore, the way we are walking, talking and dancing is showing our attitudes. Furthermore, we are all wanting something more from this night than dancing. And, this girl will definitely get it.

All the crowd is loving me and my fine self as I stroll through. I am wearing designer clothes and look fine. Of course, my sexy Louboutin heels are attracting every man or woman wanting a Sensual Foot Fetish Fuck tonight.

They need to be careful, not everyone can handle a Latina dirty dancing. So many are willing to try and, usually, I let them. It is fun seeing how well they can do. As a sensual domme, if they let me down, I devour them.

Not too much if we just met and they aren’t my sub, yet.

Notice, I say, “Yet.” That is because most that meet me want to become a sub or one of my bucks. Even my callers on my Hot Phone Sex often beg to meet me. Of course, that isn’t an option, but they always try.

I understand the attraction to me is undeniable. Hell, I am fucking amazing and gorgeous. You can’t help yourself. That is why I am a strong and powerful goddess that can say no to you. And, for you. Without any remorse.

I will not lose a wink of sleep after denying you. And, just like our sexy Latina dirty dancing, denying you and not feeling bad gets my pussy dripping wet. It can be fun being bad!

Sure, I can be a nice girl too.

That isn’t usually my first choice but if that is what you need, we can go in that direction. I am great at GFE sex therapy. Additionally, I know how to give you guidance in this area on our calls. If you are lacking in the girlfriend area, we can work through to help you with it.

Of course, I think you will benefit from being my little sub-boy or bitch more. Or, perhaps, you have been fantasizing about a sexy Latina woman dancing and making love to you? Wouldn’t you enjoy some hot Latina dirty dancing with us ending in your bed?

Of course, you would! Call me and let’s play!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke