Okay, creeper, you have been following me around the mall for a while now. Are you checking out my sexy Louboutin heels or trying to get a peek at my gorgeous feet? Or maybe both? Ah, you are into feet and want to see both, don’t you? Of course, why else would you go to so much effort? Well, you are in luck my friend because not only do I have great shoes and feet, I love giving a Sensual Foot Fetish Fuck.

And, since you are good-looking with a nice size bulge, I am going to make your day! We are going back to my place for some fun. Additionally, you are going to experience the best sex of your life. I am into all kinds of fun fetishes myself and love a man into feet. All my guys love my Fetish Phone Sex and the fun we have during our calls! I am told I am like no other girl around.

Of course, my feet callers love the Sensual Foot Fetish Fuck fun we have!

I know what drives you wild and love using my feet for the fun. Seeing the look on the guy’s face who is into feet when he is getting a foot job for the first time is hot! The texture of the soles of my feet against the soft skin of your cock. Then, my feet slid up and down on your rock-hard dick. Once in and while my toes squeeze your balls just right. And, if you are lucky, my big toe is pure ecstasy in that tight ass!

Additionally, I like you to cum during the foot job. If you have a good aim, we go for my perfect titties. Otherwise, you can shoot for my tight little pussy. Wherever it lands, I love a man that will lick his cum off of my body afterward. Of course, now it is about pleasing me too. I want you to use those big strong hands and give my feet an amazing massage.


Working your way up my long, gorgeous legs.

Once you get to my pretty kitty, I want you to give her all your attention. Use your hands on the inside of my thighs. Spread my pussy lips and lick the inside gently. Suck on my hard clit and then bring some fingers into the play. And, don’t forget to give a squeeze to my hard, perfect ass cheeks. It is my turn to cum and you are going to give me a huge climax.

Then, I will use my feet all over your body for an awesome massage. My feet can be soft, caressing all over your body or hard, and working you like my bitch. It is important I get into all the areas and crevices of your body, leaving no area out. I want to hear you moaning as you are getting aroused again during our sensual foot fetish fuck fun. I will lay down beside you and we will make out, kissing and exploring each other with our mouths and hands.

Doesn’t this feel amazing?

Sensuality is important to me in every area of my life. One thing I am amazing at is my Hottest Latina JOI. There is nothing like guiding a man through his jerk-off session, taking him to one of his best climaxes ever! One of the things that makes it so amazing is letting them fuck these perfect tits of mine. As they are sliding their cock in and out of my tits the precum is running out of their dick.

I take them to the edge with the titty fucking and then stop to edge them. It is too much fun making them wait. Seeing the temporary pain flashing in their eyes as their balls are filling up with semen. Oh, it is exquisite. Of course, it is even more fun when I am permitting them to start jerking off again. That is when it gets hot and they are getting closer to blowing their load for me.

Of course, I can tease you like that during our sensual foot fetish fuck time if you like.

As a sensual domme, I enjoy the teasing game with my playmates. I also control them with my sexy body and amazing skills. What about you, reader? What are you into? Do you love a woman’s sexy feet? Does the idea of a sensual foot fetish fuck get you hard? If so, call me so we can play!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke