Lust, love and a latex smoking fetish

What I love about the BDSM lifestyle are the love, the lust, and even the latex smoking fetish. The control I have over my submissive is easily maintained using lust, love or a favorite fetish. Maintaining that control and being adored by my submissive is quite exhilarating. Dangling their preferred fetish over their head until they beg and submit to me is my favorite way but in the past, I have had to resort to blackmail. You can submit willingly or I can take you by force either is fine but I prefer you just willingly get down on your knees and accept it. Drop down to your knees and greet your goddess at all time in kneeling position. Go fetch my lighter and light my cigarette. Watch me inhale then watch me exhale and blow smoke all into your face.

I’m sitting in the chair wearing a black latex dress and thigh-high black latex boots. Cigarette in one hand your watching me inhale and exhale. I stick my boot to your lips and that’s your signal to lick my latex boots. No, No bad boy don’t touch them just lick them. Again inhaling and exhaling from my cigarette and blowing the smoke out into your face. I flick the cigarette ashes fall on the floor, you better clean it up. Worship me and I might just have a special treat for you later. Your tongue continues licking the bottoms of my boots. After you have cleaned the soles move that tongue up until you get to my thighs. Use your tongue to make my latex boots shine again. I step on my cigarette and now you gotta lick my soles all over again.

Explore rubber, latex, and leather fetish

Again you lick from my soles to the top of my thigh-high boots. After my boot cleaning, I fuck your mouth with my skinny boot heel. I grab another cigarette and this time I slip it between your lips. You’re going to inhale as I light it and take a deep drag. Afterward, I take the cigarette back and you watch me inhale and then exhale into your face. Getting out of my seat I walk behind you pushing you down in a doggy position. I slip you into that eyeless latex mask. Can you guess what’s fixing to happen? That’s right I’m going to fuck your ass with the heel of my boot. Since you can’t see your unprepared and caught off guard. After fucking your ass I kick you over on to your back and shove my boot heel back into your mouth.

As you lay on your back I am fucking you with my boot. But I think you need something bigger, my strap on would work. I don’t say anything aloud about my strap on I just order you back in position. You’re on your knees with your hands flat in front of you and your ass poked out. Without warning, I push my big strap on into your ass. I’m thrusting hard and thrusting deep but no matter how much you scream I don’t stop. I roll you over onto your back and raise your legs, again sticking my strap on inside. Thrusting deep and thrusting hard again. It’s time for another cigarette.

Fucking and smoking

I light up inhaling and exhaling, you can’t see it but when I blow it in your mouth, you taste it. My strap on is till thrusting inside you but pausing a few moments just to blow smoke into your mouth. I spend the rest of the night fucking you in different sex positions and satisfying your latex smoking fetish. To let you cum or not let you cum is the only question I’ll leave you with. Are you brave enough to surrender yourself to me? Let’s explore your latex smoking fetish together. But if you still need a little time to determine if I am the phone sex operator for you check out my other sex stories. Ready to hear how I caught my brother in the act? If you want it rough I can give it rough but if you want it, sensual baby, I can be that too.