I think even God loved my latex nun Halloween costume tonight.

I had the idea in my head for several weeks before October even approached. Even, after my friends talked about how they were going to be angels and devils. Then, I knew I wanted to do something in that theme that was less overused. What could be naughtier than a latex nun Halloween costume?

Nothing at all! Luckily, I live in Florida so the lack of clothes didn’t matter this year. The costume was a black latex dress with a fishnet top with just black crosses covering my hard nipples. Of course, the white-collar definitely completed the look.

I went to a beach party to complete my night, and things got so crazy. People really seemed to love my latex nun Halloween costume, especially the boys. Who am I to not oblige and give them what they want?

I spent a little bit of time bending over to reveal that I didn’t have any panties on. I mean, after all, they just get in the way. Halloween is my favorite night of the year, and I was going to have a blast!

A lot of guys approached me tonight.

You could say they were a little wild, but I absolutely didn’t mind.

Their hands were grazing all over me, and they weren’t afraid to grab me. It just got me so hot. I didn’t even want to go back to my condo. I needed them to play with me, and the feel of the latex nun Halloween costume just turned me on even more.

My nipples were rock hard, and they felt so sensitive. Once the guys could sense how turned on I was, they spread my legs open to check if my pretty bald pink pussy was leaking. Of course, I was so soaking wet.

I knew exactly what I needed. I wanted all their cocks inside me and what better time to make that happen than Halloween? They didn’t even move me away from the party. I just felt one of them move me down onto their lap while they had already pulled out their cock. Every inch of his cock filled me up in one swift movement.

My latex nun Halloween costume got pushed up to my stomach leaving my pussy fully exposed. Suddenly there were so many guys around me, even more than the four guys that it started with. They started pushing their fingers in my ass while I was bouncing up and down on that big cock inside of me.

It is so naughty to be full of cocks like this. It feels so good that I never want it to end.

The more guys that started to watch the more turned on I got. Then, it stopped being just guys watching. Their girlfriends made their way over to the show too. One in particular really stood out.

She was a short blonde hair babe just like me, and she was dressed up as a slutty yellow bumblebee. Her dress barely hid her tits, much less her nipples. It seemed like we had similar taste in styles.

I grabbed her and pulled her over to my lips. She got the message right away, and her tongue started playing with my tongue. That just made my pussy even wetter.  I needed to know if hers was the same way.

It was easy enough to move her yellow dress up. She wasn’t wearing any panties either! I guess this party was full of very naughty girls. Her cunt was dripping like a leaking faucet. Cocks still filled me up, even with her on top of me. They didn’t stop for anything.

She tasted so sweet. The fucking didn’t stop just because she was on top of me.

Being outnumbered by so many guys wasn’t what we planned. But we wouldn’t have it any other way! I knew that my latex nun Halloween costume and her yellow bumblebee costume would be covered in a layer of sticky gooey cum in no time, which was perfect.

We had all night to fully satisfy our craving of cum. You don’t have to be young to get a treat on Halloween!

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