I wanted to be a latex slut for him.

The first time I ever tried on a latex was not even for sexual reasons. It was actually because I was shopping and came across a cute outfit that was quite expensive. I asked the clerk why it was so expensive and he told me because it was made out of latex. Despite the price I just had to try it on. It was tight, black, and so shiny. I squeezed into the dress and it fit all my curves perfectly. I loved the sound it made when I moved. So I bought it.

I decided I wanted to wear it out that weekend to see if the guys loved it as much as I did. They seemed to loved it even more than I did. Of corse I found myself a man to fuck that night. I did not take off my dress when he fucked me.

He bent me over the bed, pulled up my tight skirt and rubbed his dick on my ass. Then he rubbed it on my throbbing clit. He ran his hands up and down the sides of my body getting a really good feel of the latex. As he did, his dick grew harder and harder. Then he slipped his dick right into me ass. Mmm, I guess the latex made him feel daring. My ass was so raw and sore the next day.

I think the best part about wearing latex is that it does not get cum stained. It’s very easy to lick clean. After that experience I had to go to the sex store and buy some really sexy latex outfits. They had so many choices. I found one where it was a full body suit and only unzipped in some places. There was also a lot of accessories to go with my new latex outfits!

Want to know what I bought? Fetish Phone Sex!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke