We’re going to be late for work Jillian

I woke up to an early morning phone call, “Jillian? This is Mr. Lawrence. My car will not start this morning. They’re coming to tow it to the shop but I need a ride into the office. Can you pick me up on your way into work?”

“Of course I can! I’ll get ready and leave right away!”

We exchanged good byes as I was turning on the shower. I quickly got ready, packed a lunch and ran out the door. I’ve always had a crush on this boss. For some reason, every time he looks at me, I can feel his eyes burning my skin. We’ve never had the chance to be alone long enough for me to see if the feels are mutual.

I pulled up to his house and honked my horn. He called my personal cell phone and asked me to come inside while he finished a few things up. I sat on the couch in his home office. He was typing aggressively on the keyboard. He asked me to come over and review this email before he sent it out. I walked around his desk and bent over to get a closer look.

As I was reading I felt his hand graze across the back of my thigh. I shot straight up in the air. “Keeping reading please!” His voice was stern yet sweet. I bent back over to finish proofing the email. By the end his hands had slipped up my thighs and had found the straps holding my thigh highs up. With great precision he unzipped my skirt and pushed it to my ankles. I gasped for air but felt like nothing was filling my lungs.

“Call Maggie at the front desk and tell her I’ll be late for work.” I picked up the phone that was in front of me and dialed the office. It rang three times before Maggie picked up. “Maggie? It’s Jillian! Mr. Lawrence called me a few minutes ago to let me know….” He rammed his fingers into my wet pussy! “Awwwwww…..he’s um…going to be….you know…..sorry I stubbed my toe! He’s going to be late!” Click! I hung up as fast as I could. I felt and orgasm approaching as he fingered me harder and faster.

He pulled his fingers out, turned me around and pushed me onto his desk. I hadn’t noticed that he’d undid his pants and was now holding his rock hard cock! He pushed my knees open, leaned into me, and watched my face as he slowly pushed his hardness all the way inside of me. My head fell back as he finished inserting his entire length in me.

It didn’t take very many thrusts of his hips before I was cumming all over his cock! I was moaning with pleasure when I felt him begin to pulse into me. We both finished our orgasms at the same time. We cleaned up and then rode to the office in silence. I was back in his bed later that night! You can only imagine the ecstasy that we experienced together in the next 10 hours 😉

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