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Summer is almost over and the and there is a massive sigh through out the office men. All of the summer interns will be leaving, heading back to school. All of those young perky girls of all shapes and sizes, trying to look grown up in their button down blouses and high heals.
There was one you will miss the most. She was the quietest. She rarely hung out with the other girls. Sara is her name and when she walks by you feel your cock twitch and your head feels light.

Sometimes she brings you your mail and you will come up with reasons for her to stay longer. Maybe she could sort through your unorganized paper work or look for the stapler that you intentionally hid. You feel her long hair brush against your cheek, as She leans over your desk. Her soft sweet voice makes you weak in the knees, as she talks about the book that she is reading.

She looks nervous but determined to do the best job she can. You glance back at her tight ass and imagine what it would feel like. You see how her blouse has one loose button on it and you can see her lacy purple bra underneath, and there are those firm tits you have been dreaming about. You can smell her. The sweet smell of youth and young soft pussy.

Sometimes you think that Sara lingers in your desk because she is turned on by you too. You can hear her heart beat a little faster. She breathes slow and deep. She wets her lips and looks down at your lap.

Today is the Summer Intern Good Bye Party. This might be your last chance to show Her how special you feel she is. Do you think she would come into the dark supply closet with you?

Take a break from work and call me… we can decide how this will end!!
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