My daddy loves to sniff those little lace panties..

Lace panties are my daddy’s weakness. I mean, he really likes them! Family sex stories always turned him on so much, and now he just loves playing them out with me.. But really, I think he just likes how wet I get when he picks out my panties and won’t let me wear anything but. He loves doing it on weekends, too! Friday nights he’ll pick out a pair of pink panties for me to wear overnight, and Saturday morning he’ll be all over me, waking me up with his licking! Daddy can work his tongue like no other..and he loves to sniff those panties, too. He loves the way I get them wet, juicy, and smelling like sweet little pussy. Sometimes he’ll even try to slide them off with his tongue and spend a little time eating my pussy out.. right before he fucks me!

He’s a little sucker for those panties, so much that he lets me go out and buy all kinds of cute little panties just so he can pick the ones he likes best, and then he can tell me when to wear them. He’ll even pick them out of the hamper sometimes if he didn’t get a chance to properly lick and eat them out when they were on me. He’ll come home from work and see those cute, pink lace panties sitting on top of the clothes in the hamper, and he’ll just have to grab them for a little sniff. I think I have him addicted to the way my pussy smells and tastes! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.. The more he loves its taste, the better he fucks me after! I don’t know who’s in charge anymore! Is he in charge, being my sweet daddy, or am I secretly in charge, with my little sweet pussy? 😉

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali

Come taste a little ageplay phone sex with this sweet tease!