Daddy’s family sex stories are so much fun..

Family sex stories always start with Daddy not being able to keep it in his pants! Even when I was a good girl, he couldn’t resist it whenever he saw me strut around. It was even worse after school, when I’d get back from cheer practice and I’d still be in my little uniform. The skirt wasn’t too short, but it flipped and waved with my movements rather easily, and that was one of Daddy’s favorite things to watch. I’d sprint across the house to grab my backpack or go upstairs, and it’d be waving in the wind and giving him a peek of my spankies underneath. He couldn’t resist coming after me..

And of course I was a daddy’s girl.

Sometimes I wondered what it’d be like to have a naughty brother, just because of all the fun TV shows about having a mean one. Things like ‘Even Stevens’ and ‘Life with Derek’ made me crave having an older brother to tease. Family sex stories would have gotten blown way out of proportion if I did, though! So it was just me and my daddy – and he more than filled my plate with his big cock. He was my first time for everything. I was still pretty young when he taught me how to suck on it, and he even eased me into deepthroating the first time ttoo. I thought I was going to choke, and I gagged like crazy.. But it tasted so good, that I kept going for it.

He was my first for everything else, too.. From playing around with a little anal, to actually fucking me without a condom! I think he loved the risk of getting to cum inside me.. I got curious a few times and found some open tabs on his phone, all full of impregnation sex stories, and even some about playing with mom in a threesome..

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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