Shopping is so much fun. All the beautiful things you find at the stores. Clothes, jewelry, purses, makeup, perfumes, and new playmates! Having knockout GILF fuck fun when I am shopping is even better!

So many people out and about, most looking for specific items. It is fun to catch their attention and reel them in for my fun. With all my amazing skills, it is easy to flirt and persuade them.

Especially sexy women. They tend to be my main target. Classy, well-dressed women are my faves. It is a game I play with myself. Often, they see themselves as immune to this but I show them they are not.

And, bam, they are ready for knockout GILF fuck fun too!

Of course, once we have a session together, they are always coming back for more. My Sensual GILF Seductions aren’t just for the delivery guys. I use them whenever I need them.

Seducing these women is an art. And, I love the whole process. It isn’t a simple pick up line. I can’t just take them into a back hallway in the mall. They require finesse and skill that has class.

Now, if my target is the average man out running errands, I can do a lot less work. He is going to be much easier to convince. And, he is more than willing to get his knockout GILF fuck fun in a hallway.

The differences between all of them are part of the fun!

Of course, who I choose depends on my mood for the day. Am I in the mood for some gutter fun or do I feel like some classy upper crust pussy? Each day is different, I am sure you are the same.

Or, maybe not. Some people like to keep things the same every day. Certainly, that keeps life simple. I, on the other hand, love variety. That is why I like doing it differently when I go shopping.

One thing that always happens when I go and that is my knockout GILF fuck fun. It is my goal for each trip. Now, how it goes down may vary but I always make sure I get my climax in during the excursion.

My most recent conquest was a beautiful woman.

As I am shopping, I see her in the Prada store. She is younger than me but not by much. I immediately love her style and want to meet her. As I walk into the store, we “bump” into each other.

After apologies, we get to chatting and find we have common interests. From there, we shop together for the afternoon. As we shop we chat and I flirt. She is intrigued by me and we exchange numbers.

Of course, with someone at this level, the knockout GILF fuck fun takes time. She and I start connecting and within a week or so, after a dinner out, we are hanging out at her house.

Tonight we will finally have our knockout GILF fuck fun!

Her husband is out of town and she is giving me all the signals. As we are having drinks and chatting, I lean in and kiss her. She kisses back. From there, I start undressing her and we move to her bedroom.

Curious to know all that happened on our first night together? Up for some kinky GILF Phone Sex? Call me to play!