I love spoiling myself with delivery. Delivery for my groceries, household needs, and restaurant meals. And, why not, I deserve the pampering. Lately, people delivering are getting hotter and hotter. Furthermore, I am rewarding them with financial tips and naughty Sensual GILF Seductions as well.

It is fun seeing who is coming when I order from my favorite restaurants. The boys love getting to bring my food, coming in to hang out and cumming for this seductress. Many of them are younger, college-age boys. Ripe for the picking. It is a crapshoot as to whether they will have a big dick or not but that is part of the fun.

Sharing my sensual GILF seductions with these inexperienced young men is fun!

I have always been flirtatious with my delivery folks. When I open the door, I am smiling and happy. They always react positively. Sometimes, my positive attitude is helping their crappy day. Therefore, it is a natural progression to start seducing them. The first guy that I chose was probably 19 or 20 years old. Athletic build, beautiful blue eyes.

He is walking up and I already have the door open. As he comes around to the door, he can see I am wearing a sexy nighty with nothing underneath. He is staring at me and trying to be coy about it. Of course, I am being blatantly obvious as I am opening the door. Then I say, I forgot the additional tip, come inside for a minute while I get it.

Once I have him in the house it is on.

He is following me into the kitchen as I am sitting the food down. Then I turn to him, asking if he would like a drink or anything. He is so polite, saying no thank you. Of course, I am being flirty and touching his arm a lot. I notice he is getting slightly hard and trying to hide it. So, I ask him if he is into mature women, he is stumbling all over his words with his reply.

One thing that is so awesome about me is my ability to be many different things to guys. Whether I am offering Comforting GILF Conversations or the dirtiest of age-play, I am adept at getting you off. It is such a pleasure playing with my many callers. Sharing their deepest darkest secrets and fantasies, allowing me into their world.

Of course, then our goal is to make it a real-feel experience.

Furthermore, it is my plan giving you that and more during my Mature Phone Sex calls. Now, I am giving the sensual GILF seductions to all these youngsters. They are very appreciative, adding in little treats to my orders. Of course, all I am expecting is the return fun. The first lad I am playing with is Jax.

As he is stumbling over his words in the kitchen, I am going down on my knees to see that dick. I am rubbing him through his pants and he is moaning. As I am unzipping his pants, his knees are practically knocking. Time to move to the couch. Once he is sitting down, I go to work on his cock for just one of my sensual GILF seductions.

Luckily, he is well endowed and rock-hard for me.

I slowly work my way back up to the couch so that we can start making out. As we are making out my hands are exploring his hot young body. There are so many muscles and my pussy is getting wet. I am undressing him as I am exploring. Once he is completely naked, I am undressing me. As the clothes are coming off, his mouth is dropping open.

I take him to my bed and throw him back on it. Climbing on top of him, I am not wasting any time as I slide down on the nice pecker of his. Oh, he feels good inside me as I start grinding against his pelvis. Soon, he is thrusting back into me as we get to going faster and faster. Then, he is screaming out loudly, as he is cumming, filling me up. He is still on the clock for the restaurant so we get him dressed and out the door.

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