I have a step brother that I grew up with and we were really close. He was 4 years  older than me and was very cute and also very popular. all the girls were after him. And although we didn’t live in the same house he would stay on weekends.So I had plenty of time to try to get his attention. I’d dress skimpy as hell around him. Come into his room with just a towel wrapped around my little  teen body just to ask him a question.
I’d walk around with just a t shirt and panties when we were alone at home.  And start play fights with him and wrestle  with him just so I could rub my little tits and horny, young pussy all over him.

I knew that this turned him on cause I could feel his rock hard dick through his shorts.So we kind of used eachother for some teenage excitement.

But I decided I wanted some more and on one very horny night I went into his room and concocted some  bullshit problem and asked him for help.
I asked him to teach me how to kiss. At first he was surprised but with a little convincing I got him to teach
me how to french kiss. This was totally bullshit because I had been french kisses since I was maybe 10 yrs. old. lol
He got out of his bed and was standing boldly in front of me a few inches taller than me ,staring down at me
he put his arms  around me and pulled me close.I know he could feel my hot teen body through my cotton t shirt. He held my chin and lowered his sexy mouth on mine and he slid his tongue across my lips.
I opened my mouth and allowed him to stick his tongue in my mouth and that’s when I arched my panty covered pussy up against him , right up against his boner. Mmmm it felt so good! And I was being super naughty. I heard him moan deeply..Damn.. I could feel his hands exploring my body on the outside of my panties and  and cupping my tits over my t shirt.
Our kisses went on and I could feel his hands slide inside my panties and he was now grabbing my ass cheeks and squeezing them hard. I had to admit that I was getting all wet in my little pussy. I Could also see and feel his thick cock sticking out from his shorts.

I am definitely a tease. I loved teasing my step brother!
And he was ready to fuck me when I pulled away making believe I was nervous.. I was horny but I wanted to string him along.

He looked surprised and very disappointed when I thanked him for teaching me how to kiss and backed out of his room. I had teased him  and left him all hotted up. As I went back to my room I was still so horny I lay on my bed and I swear I could hear my brother moaning…He was jacking off in the very next room! I played with my pussy til I came so hard!

I Left him all horny that night but in time I knew I would give him exactly what he wanted.
Of course that was after he gave me more lessons!
Call me to find out all the other lessons he taught me.
And a few things I taught him!

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