The day I had my kinkiest sex experience!

It was mine and my boyfriends one year anniversary. About a week before, he and I had talked about all the kinky things we wanted to try. That day he promised me that on our one year anniversary, we would have the kinkiest sex experience we’ve ever had together! I figured he had forgotten or he was joking. Anyway, I walked to his place, just down the road from my apartment. Once, I got there, I rang the doorbell and he opened the door holding a bouquet of red roses. He handed them to me and a smile grew on my face. Then, he planted a sweet kiss on my forehead.

I followed him inside and there were rose petals everywhere! It was absolutely gorgeous! “So what’s the plan for today baby?” I asked while admiring the petals on the way to his room.

“You’ll see, princess.” He said as we got to his bedroom door. Next, he pulled a long piece of cloth off his door handle and handed it to me. “Put this blindfold on baby, I have a surprise for you.” He seemed eager, I did as he told me and I felt his hand grab mine. I could hear his bedroom door open and he began to lead me inside. Before I knew it, he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me so passionately. My tongue tasted his as I felt his hand slide up my dress.

He let out a hungry moan when he found out I wasn’t wearing any panties!

He started to unzip my dress while he rubbed on my clit so gently. “Do you trust me?” He whispered in my ear as I let out a soft moan. I tell him I trust him and my dress falls to the floor. He lays me on the bed and I can hear the zipper on his pants unzipping. I feel his hands grab mine and I feel the metal from his handcuffs wrapping around my wrists. He flips me over onto my hands and knees and ties my wrists to the headboard. Next, I feel him tying my calf to my thigh on each leg. I’m so vulnerable to him.

Then, he puts a ball gag in my mouth and whispers he loves me right into my ear. We’ve never gotten this exciting in bed and that’s when I knew I was going to really have the kinkiest sex experience with him!

Suddenly, I felt his cock rubbing on my pussy, he was rock hard and I was just craving to feel him inside of me already!

Next, I heard the sound of a vibrator and then I felt it rubbing in circles around my clit. His cock pushed inside of my tight pussy and I let out a loud moan. I had been waiting so long for this!

He pumped his cock in and out of me nice and slow while he rubbed that vibrator on my clit. Then the vibrator stopped and I felt his hand grab into my hair and started pulling my head back. My moans got louder as the pleasure got more and more intense. Suddenly, I heard a whip and then I felt the spank. The pain hurt so good, I wanted more! He whipped me a few more times, I could feel the bruises forming!

Then, I felt him pull himself out of me and grab something from the bedside table.

Next, I felt a tight pinch in my nipples and I knew it was a pair of nipple clamps! He got back behind me and I felt a cold liquid drip onto my asshole. I felt him rubbing the tip of his cock on my ass as he slowly pushed it in. I moaned so loud as his big cock forced itself into my tight butthole. Once he got the whole thing inside of me, he started thrusting his cock in and out nice, fast, and deep. I couldn’t contain my moans, I had never done anal before! I felt him whip me and pull on my hair some more and I could feel myself getting ready to cum.

Before I knew it, he was finger fucking my pussy while pounding my tight ass and pulling tight on my hair. I came all over his fingers as he came in my asshole. He slipped his cock out of me and I could just feel his cum dripping down my pussy onto my thighs. My boyfriend made me his kinky blindfolded slut! I had never been tied up, whipped, or blindfolded before! And feeling a cock in my ass for the first time was absolutely orgasmic! That was the day I had my kinkiest sex experience!


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