Key Party Part 3 – The Final Chapter

This key party was turning out so well for me! I never would have thought Wolverine would be mine. Well, that I would be his as it turned out.

After grabbing me and choking me a little bit, he’d dragged me by my hair and throat to one of the bedrooms upstairs. I was laying on my back. My legs were spread. I could feel his biceps against my inner thighs as he pushed my legs up. My freshly shaved pussy was inches away from his face; his tongue buried deep inside my hole. His big hands were at the top of my thighs close to my knee. Every now and then he’d flick the tip of his tongue against my hard, sensitive clit.

My hips bucked as he ate me out. I’d already cum twice all over his face. Sliding two thick fingers into my pussy he rubbed my g spot with his tongue ceaselessly flicking across my clit. By that time my eyes locked on his and I was screaming myself hoarse. I threw my head back as I came again for him; squirting all over his fingers.

By then there was a puddle of my juices on the bed sheets.

He took the time that I was breathless to stand on his knees and pull out his hard, thick cock. It was huge (at least 9 inches) and so thick. As he slid it deep inside me I thought to myself that there’d be no way it was going to fit if I wasn’t so dripping wet. As his cock pumped in and out of me my head started to swim. I must have cum at least 12 or 13 times by the time he was done with me. We’d fucked in a few different positions and were in the room at least 4 hours.

Hands down the best key party I’d ever been to.

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