Just Say No to Married Men Part 2

I should just say no to married men but I don’t. I think that a wedding ring is supposed to be like a “sold” sticker you see on purchased merchandise. But I see it as a fun challenge. Should I go for it or walk away. Every time I have been with a Married Man it has bitten me in the ass, one would think by now that I would have learned my lesson or at least got my slutty little ass kicked by an angry wife once or twice.

I am dirty little home wrecking slut. I will fuck in their territory and don’t even feel bad about it. This one time I was Fucking a married man, a successful one, but his wife had more success than him and I think he hated it. He would have me come over and fuck on their Italian leather couch and in their bed and he would be more turned on than anywhere else.  I loved fucking him he was a doctor and knew his anatomy very well. I could be on my period and everything, he did not care.

It was all fun and games until another guy that I was fucking found about out it and blackmailed the doctor, for money and prescription pills. One day he and his wife were standing at my door wanting to know who was doing this. I would have fucked him that night so it was not me. She moved him far away from me. Man, I miss that huge married doctor dick. If I would have just said no to married men.

Yes, I should stay away from married men but I do love when they do the nasty things to me that their wives won’t let them do to them anymore.

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