I Have Always Loved Cum

Is it bad that I’m kind of a cum whore? I have always loved to have a guy that is a huge cummer. It just is so fun to watch it squirt out, especially when it’s all over me! My tits getting splattered and coated with all that cum. I love to rub it all over my boobs and be such a little slut. And I love it down my throat as well and my newest boyfriend. I don’t think I’ve ever been with anyone that shot bigger loads than he does. He has shot as many as twelve ropes of cum, it’s unreal how many he can shoot.

The Feel And Taste Of Cum Drives Me Wild

I like to feel it inside of me when we fuck as well. That internal squirting until I’ve got a puddle of it under my ass is always something I’ve enjoyed. He was watching some bukkake porn the other week and I watched it with him. And said I could imagine being in that girls position, being squirted on by multiple guys at once. All covered in all that warm, slippery cum. He asked if I was serious, since he was really into the idea. And he had a couple of friends that might go for it if he asked them. I said to go ahead and ask them.

So the next Friday night they came over and we had a pizza and some beer. And they started to say how they wanted to cover me in their jizz. They wanted to make me a cum covered whore for them. We went into the bathroom and I got naked and kneeled in the tub on my knees and they all started to jerk off. And I even reached out and helped some of them. I had a dick in each hand of my boyfriend’s friends and he was really turned on having me do this.

I Was Stroking Off Cock After CockC.J. cum lover

They had nice, thick cocks and large balls. And of course I knew those balls were about to overflow with all their sticky cum all over my naked body right there in the tub. I was pumping those cocks and my boyfriend was stroking his own. And one at a time they began to shoot their loads all over me. I had cum on my face and dripping down my tits. Drops of it hanging from my hard nipples like milk. They were just staring at me, covered in their cum. It was in my hair, on my face, running down my breasts and tummy.

I started to masturbate myself in front of them. Fingering my pussy as they watched. They all began to rub their cocks again as I was masturbating. I was working my stiff clit fast and hard and moaning and looking up at them. As they rubbed their hard cocks. I could see the pre cum dripping from the tips of them. And it wasn’t long before I came on my hand and then one by one they shot another load on me. I was laying in the tub with two loads from each of them on me. They soon left and I was left to clean up from my own mini bukkake party. I sure do love all that cum. Id like to try this again, maybe with more guys if my boyfriend is ok with it.

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