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My husband has a friend, Travis, who is kind of shy and can be awkward at times.  He rarely dates and I’m sure never gets laid.   We have talked about wanting to help him out so he can gain more confidence and become more comfortable around women.  We thought maybe I could show him a few things like how to flirt with girls and maybe even letting him play with me so he will know exactly what a woman likes.  We came up with a plan to get him to come over and hang out but then my husband would get a call to go into work.  I was going to seduce him, let him show me what skills he has then show him how to do it better.  Well, that was the plan anyway.

Travis came over and about an hour later my husband “got called into work”.  My husband told us that it shouldn’t be too long and that Travis should stay.  I suggested that we could just watch some tv or something until he got back.  He left and we were all alone.  I was already wearing my tightest jeans and lowest cut top I had but I told him I was going to go get into something more comfortable.

I came out with a beer in one hand and a glass of wine in the other wearing a short silk robe.  When he caught sight of me His jaw dropped and he looked me up and down slowly.  When his eyes reached mine I saw a lust I don’t think I have ever seen in a man before.  I handed him the beer and drank half of it in one gulp.  I took a sip of the wine and sat it on the counter and, oops, the robe came undone.  I had a black lace nighty that looked amazing on me.  I went ahead and dropped the robe as I reached up and grabbed his face.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him making sure I was tight enough to feel his hard on.  OMG!  What is that?  There is no way he is that big!  I had to see this.

I reached down and undid his pants and pulled his underwear down enough to free his cock.  I wrapped my hand around it and slid it down his shaft.  Wow! He was huge!  My panties were beginning to get wet just by touching it.  He grabbed my face and kissed me so hard it took my breath away.  I pushed him backwards to the couch while he was kicking off shoes and clothes.  He stood there in front of me with nothing on but a huge smile.  I pushed him to sit on the couch then turned around and made a show out of me taking off my black thong making sure he got a good look at my nice ass.  I straddled him and slid his cock in my wet pussy; burying it so deep I almost came right there.  I rocked my hips back and forth grinding on him slowly at first but I couldn’t take it and had to go faster.  I began to bounce and he grabbed my ass so hard helping me go harder on him.  My breasts were flying in his face and when he caught a nipple in his mouth between his teeth the shock sent me over the edge and I was losing myself on him.  I came so fucking hard.  I was so out of breath and reeling in the aftershocks of my amazing orgasm I didn’t even notice him flip me over until I felt him slam into me from behind.  He grabbed my hips and rammed his cock so hard and fast into my swollen pussy until we were both exploding together.  We collapsed on the couch catching out breath.

Well, I’m not sure how much he needed me to help him but damn, I needed him to help me!  Do you need me to help you?  Call me!  I would love to help you out baby.