Jillian, I just noticed your diary post about your fantasy to have me fuck that pretty little twat of yours…wonder why you never told me. I guess it was from all those two girl calls, listening to how I would snake my tongue into that hot and juicy cunt of yours.

Tell you what, I am more then willing to get down between those legs of yours, only if your willing to do everything I ask. You want my strap on and I to fuck you? I want you to beg for it. I will lick and suck you right to the edge. Never allowing you to cum. If you do cum, its the paddle for you and that luscious rosy ass.

If I truly believe you are willing and desperate for me to give you that release, I would be happy to slid my cock into you. Yet again, no cuming. If you do, your ass gets the cock.

I have been thinking about that soft skin of yours…I want to run my hands all over your body and lick your toes. I wanna see your face when I finally say that word…release.

Reach for your phone boys and hear how I drive Jillian wild!

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