Jill Off Instructions for Masturbation May Done My Way

Jill Off Instructions are not the same as Jerk Off Instructions, for Jill Off Instruction are the female version of Jerk-off Instructions.  I joined Team Rub 1 Out, during my first time  sex in a treehouse.  Stay tuned and I’ll tell you how I get myself off in 5-minutes or less.

I’m a phone sex operator, phone actress… When you book a call, you receive three or four pictures of me naked, half-naked, or something a bit more erotic.  In order to make the moans real, I must stay in the correct mindset.  You see, it is always better when both parties get off.  Yet, and still, I’m a people pleaser, and talking to you guys really helps me tap into my creative center.  Good sex releases oxytocin, dopamine and can give you a runner’s high!

Here goes my jill off instructions to you:

What do I look like when I Jill Off?  Even if I have not left my home, I’m bathed, moisturized, hair combed, and a little bit of makeup.  Good JOI requires a girl to feel beautiful.  So, wear, what makes you feel beautiful.  If heels aren’t comfortable, but they make your legs look great, wear them until they feel comfortable.  Wear them until your pussy clinches at the sight of your calves tensing up and your booty lifting as you walk.  Though clothing isn’t required, it can create a silhouette that is very attractive.  I love cotton, lace, nylon, and satin!  My go-to is an oversized cotton V-neck tee.  I stretch the collar over one shoulder and pull it down for a peek-a-boo booty effect.  No panties or a bra is required.

Now, if I am wearing panties and a bra, I more than likely don’t have anything over them.  I prefer thigh-highs and a brazier that fastens in the front.  Push-up bras aren’t meant to be worn regularly for they will stretch the skin and cause pre-mature sagging if not fitted correctly.  That doesn’t take away from how they make me feel!  I feel like a super-model in a push-up bra and heels!  Then add nylons to the mix and now I touch these perfect legs that send shivers up my spine.

Now that you look sexy, let’s start the Jill Off Instructions!

All of your best features are highlighted to provide the foundation for sensuality.  You are perfumed, bathed, and dressed in the most seductive thing you own.  Now, look at it.  Put mirrors everywhere.  Place a camera on the scene if you like.  Get comfortable with what you see.  Love it, cherish it.  If you do not have it in you to worship you, how the heck is someone else going to.  JOI is about you!  So, if you need an outside force to massage your ego, tell them to mirror to you physically or verbally what is sexy and beautiful about you.  Be specific!  Vagueness does not work with a female.  Tell the woman in the mirror, that you love how her freckles are perfectly placed and how suck-able and lush her pouty lips are.

If there is no one else around, and you’re not quite ready to be truthful with yourself in silence, put on your favorite song! It does not matter if it is Skidamarink Dinky-Dink!  If it makes you feel good, play it!  Touch yourself all over until it feels right.  Scream and shout the lyrics.  We are trying to promote a good feeling.  A safe and loving feeling.  Let the lyrics excite you.  Move to the beat, and breathe!  Yes, breathe!  You will not cum if you do not breathe properly.  Take in the air and push down on your vagina.  Let the air out and clinch upwards.  As your hips sway, side to side roll the other vaginal wall towards it in a pinching manner.

Position your body to rub one out.

Join Team Rub 1 Out for Masturbation May! Lay back on the bed.  Hike your leg up on the side of the tub.  Sit back in your office chair and hike your feet up on the desk.  Look at it.  Feel your thighs.  Trace your veins and lymph nodes.  Feel your breaths penetrating and rolling through your stomach.  Touch the fabric of your panties.  Roll one finger along the side and slip it underneath.  Pet yourself, stroke it like a kitten purring in your lap.  Roll all-around your labia and vulva.  Find that sweet spot that makes you flinch and want to run, but do not run.  Do it again, roll it, and caress that spot.  Change the pressure and the stroke if need be.

Continue to breathe your way through it.  Feel how wet you are.  Know you are doing it right as you get wetter and wetter.  Play with the opening to your cervix.  Roll a finger around it in a circle.  Tiptoe one finger at a time in just about an inch deep.  Drag that juice back up to your clitoris and back down.  Roll your fingers all over the clit.  Stay there.  Breathe faster, clench harder.  Rub that clit, as if your life depended on it!


The most valuable jill off instruction I can give to you is to not think!  Keep your mind blank.  Do not make this a job.  Feel it.  Do what makes you feel good.  Keep stroking dang on it!  The ball is in your court, and no one can take it but you!  Taste that victory!  Relish in it!  This is what you wanted.  This is who you are.  The stars were aligned on the day you were born because of who you are, not the other way around.  Dominate that sex drive!  You are the boss of this body!  It does what you WILL IT too!

Listen to that tingling feeling as it soars through the veins in your legs.  Hear your heartbeat.  Play into the sounds of those juices dripping down the crack of your ass.  Hear it pop off like a champagne bottle and drink your victory! This is my version of Jill off instructions.

Join me (Brandy) for a bit of mutual masturbation at the Phone Sex Kingdom.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke