My First Time Sex was in a Tree House with Brandon

My first time sex encounter was at the mere age of entering the double digits.  Brandon and I had been neighbors and in the same class every year since 1st grade.  He was a little blonde-headed little boy, much like Dennis the Menace.  His parents are true freaks!  They tongue each other in public.  His dad’s hands are always in his belt or on his mom’s butt.  My parents were rarely even in the same room together.  When they were, it was awkward and strained.  It was much different when my stepfather came along.  My mom now has this light in her eyes that Brandon’s mom has.  Mommy is much nicer and more pleasant to be around.  This change can be attributed to good SEX!

Brandon and I would sneak around and listen to his mom and pops screwing all Spring Break.  We studied them like lab rats.  His mom worked early mornings, and his dad worked third shift.  They often had mid-day sex, while we were playing outside.  As a matter of fact, they would kick us out to play, so they could screw.  We just had to post up next to their window and peek in.  There were a few times we hid in the closet to get a better view.  The first time we thought something was wrong with his parents.  Like, who wanted to scream or be in pain?  Then we realized they must like being in pain, the same way we liked jumping out of trees and sledding down a hill.

Quite often, we ate lunch in my treehouse with no disturbance from my siblings.

So, when he started fondling me in an attempt to make my boobies grow, we were left to our own demise.  You know, kind of like tilling the soil.  We slowly broke one another in, mimicking what his parents did. We kissed, nibbled, and laughed a ton.  For the life of us, we couldn’t figure it out.  It was so awkward, and clumsy that we had to kiss an entire day just to get that tingling sensation in my body.  On Day 2, I whacked him off like a champ!  The space between the head of his penis and the shaft has such a drastic color contrast.  How the heck did his male principle not have carpet burn from all that friction mesmerized me.

Day 3 was all about me getting my first time sex.  Brandon rubs, caresses, and kisses me from head to toe.  Engulfing my little doorknob breast in his mouth to lick full circles all around the nipple.  Open legs with fingers running up and down, round and round.  Just swirling in sticky gooey wetness, yet I felt nothing.  An index finger slides inside of my vagina and rolls around the hole.  Thinking, my first-time sexual encounter could not be a complete failure!

Grabbing our notebooks to check our notes!

My eyes flew open wide like a deer in headlights as something started to move involuntarily.  I felt a numbing sensation take over my body, and my thighs started to tingle. Moving through the urge to pee and retreated.  I damn near ran across the room! It felt too good to embrace.  All this time, I was trying so hard to be comfortable and missed my mark.

Feeling assured everything would be okay.  Given the freedom to bleed, pee, and even have snot come out my twat.  Brandon’s research included the shows: Real Sex, Sex in the City, & Cinemax After Dark.  He thought he was a pro at this thing called sex and hadn’t even done it yet.  The way we talked about sex, was as if it were some science experiment, until 5-minutes later.  BB became our couple’s name.  Brandon started talking fast, exclaiming if we do this and I get pregnant that he is going to stand by me and take care of us.  That he was going to be a really good husband like we have always been when we play the game of House. I’m not supposed to get my proposal the first time sex entered the equation.

That is when things got a bit crazier.

With no forewarning, Brandon shoved his dickhead in and started pounding me.  My folks were used to us screaming and acting like banshees, so I was ignored.  For about two entire minutes, I lost my mind!  Brandon put his hand over my mouth and told me to calm down, it will feel better once I’m broken in.  Comparing me to a new pair of shoes, I was being broke in.  Squirting half the bottle of lube all around and in my nether region was heaven-sent.

10-minutes later, Brandon explains that he didn’t mean to hurt me and we should go for another round.  Brandy, I’m going to hold you like Pops holds Ma.  When I get my allowance, I’m going to buy you a pretty dress, and we can go get some ice cream.  This broke the awkwardness, and I tried rubbing his penis against my clit and just rolling it around until my butt cheeks tensed up, and I could barely breathe.  I felt this overwhelmingly great sensation and release.  My legs trembled, and my heart fluttered.  I fell over like a horse.  Brandon told me I must be on Team Rub 1 Out!  I agreed.

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