When I say the words “anal sex”, what is the first image that comes to your mind?

Is it me? Spreading those creamy white ass cheeks for you so that you can work that big mushroom head just inside? Mmmm, all slicked up with lube… ready to feel your cock filling me up, inch by delicious inch, owning that sweet little tender hole and making it belong to YOU and you alone!? OR….. When I say the words “anal sex”, is your first thought of getting YOUR ass filled full!?

As much as I love feeling your cock penetrate MY delicate nether region… I am equally thrilled with the thought of dragging out my strap on, bending YOU over, and slowly but firmly fucking your ass until you either beg for mercy or beg for MORE! … don’t let this angelic face and cute giggle fool you! Just because I’m sweet doesn’t mean I’m not dirty enough to get behind you and shove my tongue… my fingers, or a strapon wet with my spit into your ass if I think it will make you scream for me!

You KNOW that if you haven’t tried it.. you’ve at least thought about it! Why not explore? Even better, why not explore while I whisper in your ear, guiding you to the INTENSE orgasm that only a little prostate stimulation can give?? My motto is: if it feels good? DO IT!

No matter which way you like it… on the giving end, or the receiving end, call me up for some RED HOT anal phone sex!

You bring your cock, and your dirtiest anal fantasy…
I’ll take care of the rest. 😉

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