Sexy Slut Loves Summer Cream!

It’s so fucking hot outside! All the girls in my neighborhood are running after the ice cream truck, flip flopping around in their baggy t-shirts and sweat pants and paying Mr. Softee actual MONEY to suck on a damn ice cream cone. But I know exactly what to do to get Mr. Softee nice and hard. I have a little trick that makes him give me all the free summer cream I want. When the ice cream truck comes my way I slip on my sexy ripped shorts, a tight fitting t-shirt and simply walk out onto my lawn while the sprinklers are on.

When Mr. Softee sees my sexy tits poking through my wet white t-shirt he always makes a special stop at my house. He opens the door to the truck and let’s me in. My soaking wet tits entice him as I fall to my knees and unzip his pants. His cock gets harder and harder with every lick and suck of my juicy mouth. I love making Mr. Softee’s dick hard. From the tip of his hole to the back of his balls, I lap up every inch of his cock making him surrender to my seduction.

Mr. Softee moans and calls my name. Grabbing the back of my neck and forcing me to gag on his now hard fuck pop. When I swallow his dick and balls down my throat I can sense the eruption is about to happen. I lift my shirt and beg for Mr. Softee’s cum. When he aims at my tits I beg and plead for it. “Please squirt your cream all over my sweet tits baby!”. The cream covers my tits and drenches me all over. I’m in creamy heaven whenever Mr. Softee comes around. When he opens the door to let me out the looks of envy from the other girls are hilarious to me. They know that Mr. Softee gives me whatever I want off of that truck for free. I just smile and lick my cone. LOL! “Thanks for the free cream Softee!”

I know you’ve got some yummy cream for me too don’t you? Give me a call and let’s get relief from this summer heat together!

Teen Phone Sex!