My boyfriend has the best cock I’ve ever been with. I love everything about it, the length, girth, shape, the way it fucks me. Not one complaint. After our first couple of dates, my boyfriend had introduced me to his identical twin brother. He’d mentioned he’d had one when we met, but other than passing curiosity I didn’t think much of it. He fucked me so well though, I started having this obsessive thought in my mind, how does his brothers cock compare? Is it the same? Are they identical in every way? Does he fuck as well as my boyfriend? I could not stop thinking about this for some reason.


I had to find out, I knew I could not stop until I did. We got along when we were introduced, we seemed to like each other fine. He lived in a different town around a couple of hours away and had some business meetings lined up and he was staying with my boyfriend for a couple of nights so he didn’t need to drive back and forth each day. The second night he was here, we’d all been sitting around talking when a friend of my boyfriend called him for help, he was having car trouble and was stranded and could he come and pick him up? He was a couple of hours away and my boyfriend went to go help him, leaving me and his twin alone.

I felt guilty in one way, but couldn’t stop myself, as soon as my boyfriend left, I went over and sat in the twins lap and said I’d been wondering exactly how far identical runs. He asked what I meant and I said I wanted to fuck him and find out for myself. He looked a bit shocked but didn’t fight me either. I leaned over and kissed him and it wasn’t long before I was feeling his quickly erect cock underneath me. I pulled my shirt off over my head and my hard nipples were barely contained in my demi cup bra and I was unbuckling his belt and unzipping him and reaching inside to release that cock. Yup, it was identical, long, thick and throbbing.

I smirked and said there was virtually no difference in their cocks. He picked me up and carried me to his brother’s bedroom and threw me on the bed and stripped the rest of my and his clothes off and was quickly inside of me, my god I couldn’t believe it, it was just like fucking my boyfriend! Their cocks felt and acted the same, they had very similar lovemaking skills and styles and now my mind was thinking the ultimate naughty thought, I wanted a threesome with them both. I knew it was a bit early to mention that idea, but the thought was there.

He kissed a bit differently, but their fucking skills were pretty much the same. I was such a naughty girl fucking my boyfriend’s twin, yet it felt so familiar, at the same time it didn’t seem forbidden, it was an odd feeling of them looking and feeling so similarly yet being two different people. I wasn’t sure if my fantasy of a threesome would ever pan out here, so I told him this had to be our little secret, me coming on to him and him fucking me like this. His cock slid in and out of my shaved cunt, and I had my legs wrapped so tightly around him as he pounded me. I squeezed my cunt muscles around him milking him into me. Felt his warm skin against mine, feeling so familiar, what a very naughty thing to do. He came inside of me and I came at the same time, we caught our breath and then cleaned up and it wasn’t long before my boyfriend got back after dropping off his friend. It was a hot night to be sure.
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