He is wealthy, powerful, and into obtaining my life force. Javier is like no other man on earth. He is an irresistible blood-drinking God. In fact, I bow down to him to beg for more.

I am a powerful goddess and diva, however, when I am with Javier, all that changes. He is in control of me and all my moves. He radiates strength and sexiness.

Hard chiseled body, piercing blue eyes, and dark hair set him apart from others. From the moment of our meeting, I was his. Of course,  I didn’t know about the sexy blood worship then.

When this irresistible blood-drinking God speaks people listen.

Initially, I notice he has this power, but I don’t see any red flags. I just assume he is charismatic and draws in others. Of course, I am mistaken. There is something more to him.

After our first meeting, He immediately whisks me off to travel and see the world.  His favorite country to visit and stay is Egypt. This man knows so much about Egypt, he is very knowledgeable about their history.

My irresistible blood-drinking God has a home and family here. The deity, Shezmu, is one he knows a great deal about. This deity believed in the drinking of blood for power to protect the world.

I am falling hard for Javier.

And, as I am learning all this weird stuff, I am getting more into him. Within no time of our visit to Egypt, I woke up in a throne room, on an altar, with a group of people in robes around me.

Additionally, these are his people, and that night, they drink my blood. Instead of running from him and flying home, I feel more connected to him. Furthermore, I am unable to walk away from his control. It is as if I need him now.

The irresistible blood-drinking God has put a spell on me that is unbreakable. I remember him between my legs as I lay on the altar. One of his minions poured my blood down between my breasts.

And, Javier is drinking my blood as his cock enters my pussy.

That moment is tattooed in my brain. The climax I had with him was so powerful and his cumming felt like nothing I have ever experienced before. Now, I crave him and his needs for me.

In fact, if we are apart and I feel a yearning for him, I know it is him calling me back to Egypt. All he has to do is feel the desire to drink my blood and I feel his need.

My life is on hold as I fly to Eqypt to serve my beautiful irresistible blood-drinking God. And, now they treat me like a queen when I visit his home. It is as if Javier and I are forever bound together. When I arrive at his home, my every whim is catered too

I love this feeling of being important to the irresistible blood-drinking God!

All my favorite foods and drinks are there. His staff waits on me hand and foot. In fact, they even bathe me. Javier is with me every night, even when there isn’t a bloodletting.

His huge throbbing cock is so powerful and pleasing. As I lay back in bed, he towers over me and stretches my tight pussy out with his rod. Together we climax and then collapse.

Of course, the blood ceremonies are getting more elaborate with time. I have sex with others at the event now. I cum and cum with all those men and women.

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