I love having fun, sex and getting kinky with my playmates. This new guy I am seeing, Javier, is even wilder than all my previous playmates. He is into Sexy Blood Worship. This lifestyle is new to me and I am still on the fence about it. However, I am all into Javier and his huge cock. This naughty Latina slut can’t get enough of him.

We meet at a fundraiser my friend is hosting. He and I are making eye contact all evening and he finally comes to me and asks who I am. From there, we are chatting into the wee hours of the night. And, he made sure to donate a boatload of money to my friend’s fundraiser for me. Surprisingly, we don’t fuck this first night. We do some making out and exploring but keep it PG-rated.

I didn’t learn about the Sexy Blood Worship for some time.

After the event, we are dating and having so much fun. He is wealthy, able to wine and dine me at all the finest establishments in Miami. Of course, he is on the invitation list of all the A-list players in our city and we attend tons of formal galas. He is always telling me how much he loves walking in with me on his arm. Keep on giving me those compliments, baby.

We are fucking and having fun but he isn’t sharing his darkest secrets yet. My guess is he is waiting to see if I am the kind of girl he should share with. Furthermore, he is seeing how wild and kinky I am. Of course, he is getting some of the knowledge from our intense fucking. I am a beast in the bedroom and he is loving that.

Soon, we are traveling around the world together.

I love a man that can whisk me off on global trips at the drop of a hat. This is Javier with all his money and connections. We are traveling by plane, train, and yacht all over the place. Upon our arrival, we are treated like royalty everywhere we go. I am loving this lifestyle and hope it continues for a long time. Little do I know about his darker side with sexy blood worship.

This week we are traveling to Egypt. Javier is unusually excited about this trip. Once we arrive we are taken to this beautiful home. He is introducing me to the family and their friends as we are shown around the property. All this fun with Javier is going to be great for my Latina GFE Phone Sex! You and I can role-play the lavish lifestyle and the amazing sex!

Our time here is amazing as we are sightseeing and visiting ancient ruins.

Javier is teaching me about ancient Egyptian deities. One such deity is Shezmu. My guy is obsessed with him and some others from the same period. Of course, wanting to impress him, I am in the library researching them. It seems they are all about blood and guts. Powerful and strong, protective, battling demons and such for the Kings. Damn, this is wild shit. Javier is now even kinkier than me!

Most of my wealthy playmates are happy with Big Tit Blonde Blowjob fun. However, I am thinking this guy is expecting a lot more from me. I like him a lot so I am going to see where this is going and enjoy the ride. Evening comes and we do our dinner with the family. Afterward, we have drinks in their study.

I start feeling funny after having my drink and everything is going dark.

When I am waking up, I am in this old room surrounded by ancient items. I am laying on a concrete bed or altar without my clothes. Looking around I am not seeing anyone at first. Then, I see robed people coming into the room. Javier is one of them. He is telling me to relax and enjoy the fun. His friend is holding a dagger and they are holding my arm. They use the dagger to cut me and hold a golden bowl underneath to catch my blood.

Fuck, what have I gotten into?! They are chanting and standing around me on this altar. Javier is telling me that is the only cut to be made tonight. Soon, they are disrobing and completely naked. Javier is climbing onto the altar with me as one of his friends is holding the bowl over me. Once he is on the altar and between my legs, the friend starts letting the blood run down between my breasts.

Javier leans into my body, drinking my blood. It gets even wilder from there. Of course, to hear all the details of his sexy blood worship, you will need to call me.

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