Invisible Crush Girl Waiting for a Love Connection!

I admit it, I am an invisible crush girl with the hots for a man who doesn’t even know I exist. Funny. Right? I’m talking serious crush. Heart pounding, sweaty palms, frog in the throat kind of crush. I see him a few times a day. Enough to make me very uncomfortable. I was afraid it was looking like I was doing it on purpose. I assure you, I was not! Haha. Anyway, I was either already in the lift, or he would allow me on first. A perfect gent, this one.

We ride up in general silence, never so thankful for crappy muzak. But, remember me telling you about the heart-pounding, sweaty palms, etc…? Well, this time, I found myself leaning in just to get a better whiff of him. And at just that moment, I slipped and smashed my face against his back.

“I’m so sorry! I was reaching for the panel and I guess, I slipped! Please forgive me.”

Invisible Crush Girl gets the first brush off. Haha.

“Please. There is no need for apologies. Are you alright” His accent made me weak in the knees. It was decidedly British and elegant. Moreover, his fingers, barely touching me, set off a wave of tantric ecstasy that I was not prepared for. That was for me. But, for him? He had already straightened his tie and flattened his bespoke suit to his body and was looking forward as before. He lightly cleared his throat and before stepping out onto his floor, turned his head slightly sideward to me and said, “Have a nice day, young lady.” The door couldn’t close fast enough, I was blushing all the way into my knickers! Cream to follow! Yum.

However, the very next time I stepped onto the lift, he was already in there! I was a little confused! I thought he lived on a lower floor from me. So, why was he already in there when I entered? Who knows, but for SURE, my day got better. Since he was already in there, I was forced to stand in front of him for a change! My mind raced with thoughts and fantasies and… my sexual surrender rebirth!

Invisible Crush Girl steps into the light!

“Don’t turn around, Josie”, he whispered directly into my ear, and I trembled. Not with fear, well okay, maybe a little fear shot through me, but there was more anticipation than anything. Yeah, that and a million other thoughts coursed through me. Everything from, ‘did my breath smell of that damned cream cheese and bagel I just ate?’ ‘Is my perfume overwhelming since I just applied it?’ I didn’t have time to freak out because next, I felt his warm, smooth hand wrap my waist on one side. Then, his mouth brushed my ear lightly. In the other ear he whispered, “This is what you have been fantasizing about, isn’t it?”.

Lady boner time! I leaned back against him as his other hand and he slid his way up to my pussy. The elevator bell rang for the floor he lives on. The door opened, and we both fell toward an apartment door that I was praying was his. He kissed me deeply against it and slid his key card to gain entry.

Can you guess what happened next for this invisible crush girl? So, check back for more of this lurid tale while getting the best phone sex ever!


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