Cumplete Sexual Surrender Rebirth of a Woman.

My cumplete sexual surrender rebirth caught me completely unaware. So, sometimes the things which catch you most off-guard are sudden, almost imperceptible changes.  And in those moments of sudden happenstance, there lies a cumplete sexual surrender. In the surrender, there’s the rebirth. A cumming of age, of sorts.  Giving oneself over in some ways, maintaining some controls, in others.  If life were all about the thrusts of cocks slamming into pussies or, cum squirting everywhere, that would be one thing. But, there are times where one can become just as lost in the wild abandon found in a tender kiss, a soft embrace; it’s so very sexy.

So, why this all takes me so off-guard, is that I don’t DO the whole “relationship” thing, right? Who needs the potential drama. Explaining things, being worried about feelings, you know, the usual horrors you hear when talking about the “L” word. Lol.   I’ve always been more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kinda girl. So, yeah. All the being accountable? Meh, not so much my thing! Until my cumplete sexual surrender rebirth.

Well, as I said, Bang! Right out of nowhere!

The seduction of a sexual surrender rebirth. Slowly, and quite innocently enough, he takes me to dinner. Nothing really over-the-top fancy. Just, nice. Pleasant. No great amount of money was spent, but we had a fun time together and he was sweet.  I cannot say I have known many sweet men, thus far. He took my hand across the linen-clad table, stroking each fingertip playfully.  And the way his eyes seemed to “sparkle” watching me talk… It was magical.

He walked me home from the restaurant, my arm casually laced through his and my hands gripping each other to seal us together, subconsciously, of course. Hey! I don’t do the whole “love” thing. Remember me? lol. But, I can still catch the scent of his cologne right now if I concentrate hard enough. Mmmmm.

The night air was crisp, with a hint of humidity for my sexual surrender rebirth.

I remember because my palms were moist! And, NO! Not because of him!! Haha.  But, my heartbeat had quickened and my head felt light. Ah! Food poisoning, maybe? You never know! So, I invited him up… to see my etchings. Giggle. I am nothing, if not a modern woman! And, I can invite a man up, simply because I want to fuck him! Some good old fashioned “no strings attached thing!” Yeah!

We practically ran up the stairs to my unit and by the time the door was slamming behind him, I had half my clothes off. I turned to give my best coy look at him over my shoulder and was shocked yet again! He was still dressed and staring at me with a smile.

Some sexual surrender rebirth this was gonna be! haha.

“Ummm. We on the same page here, Sweetie?” I asked him, half smirking.

“Maybe” He replied, smirking back at me.

Then, I squinted my face wondering how my “nice guy” suddenly turned into a man of mystery.

“Listen, Papa, I don’t do mystery, or high school, or giddy, or…” It was left dangling in the air like a cartoon balloon.

“Or, LOVE,” He said without a single facial shift.

“Yeah. Or, LOVE” I managed over the lump in my throat. So, why the hell was he looking at me that way?

He took me into his arms almost too quickly to object.

We were eye to eye, and his were dreamy. Okay… fantasy break. I’m back now! Damn! I tossed my hair and rolled my eyes, followed by the next question.

“Listen, Prince Charming. I’m kinda digging the whole strong, silent type, but I just really want to fuck.” I smiled that last bit.

He pulled me in tighter. I could barely breathe but I also didn’t struggle towards my freedom. I could smell his cologne and what was under it; his primal scent, mixed, and it was all quite heady. Then, much to my surprise, he touched me. Light as a feather, but strong. Then, his breath, shallow, yet with an underpinning of a growl. His eyes? Oh! I could bathe in the ways he looked at me.

It was time for my sexual surrender rebirth. And that night, yes; I fell in love.

Of course, there was the pussy worship, the cock sucking, deep, penetrating, ass fucking, and then there was the anal rimming on both of us. And, I’ll never forget the gagging that accompanied it. The squirting, yelling, throbbing, thrusting, exploding that came with great sex in general. This wasn’t at all rough sex. It was sexy, but it went far beyond that. But, there was something else going on. I actually wanted to “linger” in his arms, and maybe even (dare I say it?) sleep? No. It couldn’t be! But, in those moments after the convulsing, passion, the kinky desires, the sweat, the oils, the moaning… came the completely unexpected. I surrendered! It was something that couldn’t be controlled.

We lay there melting into one another, kissing as only true lovers do, and I submitted to my sexual surrender rebirth over and over again.

Since that date, I’ve never looked back. He, I believe, is the one…We keep it hot and alive. There are little tricks we employ that I’d be happy to share with you. If you’re in the mood for some hot phone sex, call me and let’s talk about it right now! Don’t miss out!


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