Intoxicated? Virgin? Brother & Sister?

Intoxicated virgin brother and sister are right! You know it’s a good story when THOSE words are together! So, I came up with this fantasy yesterday, actually. And I just knew I had to write about it!

Imagine this play out. Parents go on a late date night. Big brother and little sister are left home alone. They’re old enough to know what’s what, but they’ve never had sex. Ever! So sad, I know, but they’ll discover all the joys of sex very, very soon.

While Parents are gone they decide to get into the liquor cabinet because why the fuck not?

They sip at the whiskey as they sit on the couch. Deciding to watch a movie, they go into Parents room and see what they can find. Brother knew he saw some movies under the bed once and figured they MUST be good if Mom and Dad are hiding them, probably R movies. Nope, try rated XXX! When they pull them out they realize they’re porn movies and that’s no deterrent at all.

Grinning at each other they plop back down on the couch and put one of the movies in. As they watch the movie, listen to the moaning and groaning, and as they get more and more intoxicated….well, they keep glancing at each other. Sister starts turning very red in the face as she feels herself get wetter and wetter. Brother shifts uncomfortably as his erection grows.

By the second movie they’re both so intoxicated and so horny they start following the movie. Doing what the porn is doing. Kissing, touching, hands roaming everywhere. Sucking, licking, biting. Brother eats Sister’s pussy because he wants to taste her sweetness. When she cums, she squirts in Brother’s mouth and her cum runs down the corners of his mouth. Sister sucks Brother’s dick. It pulses in her mouth. She licks at his shaft and sucks on his head.

Then the REAL fun begins!

Sister bends over for Brother, sticking her ass in the air. She turns her head to the side so that she can still have a good view of the porno. He slides his rock hard cock into his younger sister. Rocking his hips they both moan and groan. Again, Sister cums all over Brother’s cock. As her muscles clench, his cock pulses. Having enough sense (despite being intoxicated) he pulls out of her tight pussy and slips his cock (slick from her cum and juices) into her tighter ass. She cries out in surprise, pleasure, and pain because she wasn’t expecting that. He watches as her asshole stretches to accommodate his cock. Watching the porn, feeling his cock in her ass. All that stimulation makes her climax again. When her asshole tightens and spasms he shoots his load deep inside her.

They collapse on the couch, spent.

Exhausted, intoxicated, and satisfied, they settle down to finish the rest of the porno together. In each others’ arms, naked, they fall asleep.

As the porn continues to play, lights pass by the window. A car pulls up to the driveway. When Parents come home they find their kids naked, intoxicated, a porno playing, and cum all over their couch…..

What do you think happens next? I’ll leave THAT up to your kinky imaginations, boys.

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