Brother Fucks Sister – How I Got My Friend Laid

So, brother fucks sister, almost like boy meets world. That’s what it was like for him. Here’s how I helped him fuck his sister. By the way, boys, this is a true story!

This incest story started with a phone call.

My typical days consist of playing with my cute little pussy, getting guys off, and hearing about their kinks and fantasies. The day in question was not my typical day. When I answered the phone I was met by a frantic voice. After we got the call all set up he started telling me about how he desperately wanted to fuck his sister. So far, a normal day for London.

At the time he was jerking off with a pair of her pantyhose. Playfully I suggested he cum in them and leave them in her room. London the instigator, I know.

A few days later he called me back a little agitated with me. Quickly he informed me that he’d done what I said and she yelled at him; told him he owed her another pair. I calmed him down enough to tell him everything was okay.

So, a few more days went by and again he called me. Hurriedly he told me that she left him another pair with a note saying she thought he might need another place to put his cum. I encouraged him to humor her and ask for a cum shot back.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? See how quickly things escalate?

Once again my phone rang. It was him again and I knew there would be some news! I could hear the big smile on his face when he told me his sister let him dry hump her until she came. When I told him how excited I was for him he could hear the smile on mine.

As the days passed I sent him an email asking if there had been any news in his pursuit of brother fucks sister. Not an hour later I get another call from him. He talked quickly, giving me all the juicy details of how they were sitting around watching TV one day and he pulled his cock out right in front of her. It made my panties wet listening to him tell me how she reached over, started stroking his dick before wrapping her mouth around it. Not long after that, they were fucking on the couch. She rode his cock like she’d been sex starved.

So, what did we learn today boys? Let me know what lesson you learned from this brother fucks sister story. Call me for all your dirty incest fantasies.

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