Older, but wiser. Sexier. More experienced!

Older sucks when it comes to furniture. But, older MEN…..well, they tend to have more experience in how to pleasure a woman. They know how to make her pussy dripping wet!

So, with that being said, my grandpa lives not too far from me. He’s always been so nice to me. And, he’s my grandpa, so naturally, that makes me want him even more! Family, incest, fun is forbidden and I love doing things I’m not supposed to! He’s mature, with some grey. I find that very sexy, very attractive. Well, one day while I decided to visit him. I wore this pair of jeans that really hugs my hips, a very form-fitting spaghetti-strap shirt, and a pair of high-heeled sandals that have thin crisscrossing straps. My hair was braided and draped across my right shoulder.

I knocked on his door and when he opened it, I greeted him with a wide, flirty smile. He smiled back and offered for me to come inside. As I walked by him I brushed my hip against the front of his pants. I saw his eyes get very big as he tried to hide his excitement. He’s always looked at me in that way guys check me out at bars.

It was finally my birthday and I wanted him.

“I have something for the birthday girl.” He said as I sat on the couch. I smiled. “I’ll bet you do.” He cleared his throat somewhat uncomfortably as he turned away from me. I had a feeling he was trying to calm himself. I knew all he wanted to do was bend me over his couch. But, I wanted to see what he had for me first.

“London, I know you’ve needed a decent nightdress for a while.” He pulled a bag off the dining table and put it on the coffee table in front of me. I pulled out the tissue paper and there was a silk nightgown wrapped in the pink paper. I reached into the bag and held it up. It was sheer, soft, silky. It had a lace bra on top and flowed outward. The only thing connecting the sheer flow of the dress was the bra. It would reveal my flat, toned stomach very nicely. It was pale pink. He pointed to the bag. “It comes with matching panties.” I pulled the panties out. Same pale pink with lace trim. It was a thong. I smiled, scooped up my new nightie. “I’m going to try this on Grandpa.”

I came out of the bathroom a few minutes later only wearing the lingerie my older grandpa picked out for me. “What do you think?” I asked him, walking toward him. I turned around for him so he could see my lifted ass. My beautiful ass that he’s always looking at. He cleared his throat again. “It looks good.” He tried to sound casual, but I could see him getting hard. I wanted to get him hard.

I wanted him to give in to his urges and fuck the hell out of me.

So, I walked up to him, shaking my hips, pointing my perfectly pedicured toes. I turned around as soon as I got close to him. I grabbed his hand and slid it up and down the soft pink material, then pulled it in front of me and slid his hand up and down my sexy stomach. Then, I moved it up to my tits. “Feel how nice that is?”

“That’s very nice.” He couldn’t help himself. He squeezed my tits. I pressed harder against him, feeling his cock get SO rock hard underneath my ass! He started breathing hard as he rubbed my tits, pulling down on the bra so they popped out. He pinched and worked my perky nipples to perfection!

That’s when he couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed my hips and led me to his couch. He pulled my hips back and pulled down my thong. I heard him unzip his pants behind me. He teased the head of his cock against my wet pussy lips before sticking just the head of his cock inside me. I gasped and groaned.

“I’ve wanted this for a long time, London.” He whispered. “I know,” I whispered back, “I’ve wanted it too, Grandpa.”

Then he slid the rest of his shaft into my tight pussy. We both groaned together as he rocked into me, really pressing on my G spot with his cock. My body shook as I exploded all over his cock. I came so hard my cum dripped down his balls and fell to the floor in a thick, white puddle on the hardwood floor. He pulled out of me and released his load all over my lower back and ass. It was so hot and thick. I loved how it felt all over my ass. I could smell the hot mess he left on my skin. Older means more experience. I’m tellin ya.

And I loved every minute of it….. I did it all so willingly. I wasn’t even intoxicated.

I’m only a phone call away! Cum play with me!

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