Intimate Seduction with a Stranger of my Choice.

Intimate Seduction. Hmmm. One might surmise, that working in the Adult Industry might make you jaded, judgmental, and critical. For me, quite the opposite is true.  As soon as I hear a man’s voice, it begins. The intimate seduction between man and woman, or…  The wetness begins to ooze like molten lava, making it’s way to the opening of my pussy.  My nipples tighten and the natural instinct to run my tongue along my bottom lip, before biting it starts. Yes.  Fucking is the name of the game.  No questions there.  And when you can call a pretty woman, with a sexy voice, who cums to understand and LOVE everything about you. You may have met your last, best friend.

We’re talking fucking on every imaginable level, and still having it be sensual. Important. WORTHY.   Every day we get new opportunities to meet sexy people who stir us.  Wanna get stirred with me?  Get comfy, we’re about to fuck in ways you’ve never imagine we could.  So real, you’ll FEEL ME!

A typical day at work for me starts with rolling to the edge, then over my super king mattress. My toes hit the floor and I stretch my 5’8″ frame to capacity. I rub my dog, Barkley’s head and he licks my fingers leaving them drippy with his spit. I laugh and brush my waist-length bed-head out of my eyes so I can see the sliders to the deck.  Once opened, my boudoir floods with sunlight and the sounds of the Pacific below. Barks follows me into the bathroom and I step into the open-air shower that connects to my deck.

Next, I turn on Miles Davis, “It Never Entered My Mind” (one of my all-time-favorites in morning jazz) and I sit before the mirror at my vanity. I brush my wet hair and leave it loose to dry and walk back to the bedroom, spraying a fine mist of my perfume before me and I walk into it.  A woman knows to NEVER spray perfume directly on the skin. Overwhelming. A woman should smell of the most faint essence of a scent; never overpowering with it.   A man should wonder where the smell cums from. LOL.  Mystery. I pull the first Cuban-heeled stocking over my toes, up my calf, and along my thigh, securing it with one garter strap, then the other.  Other leg. Repeat steps 1-5. Teehee.

Next, my panties.  And anyone who KNOWS me knows I ONLY wear, La Perla.  Panties ALWAYS go on AFTER the garter belt, so the straps are secured closer to a woman’s body. When I bend at the waist, all you’ll see is my delicate curve, not a bulging strap.  Protocol.   My bra is slipped along my long arms and I lean forward to position my perfect, natural, 34 full C tits. Reaching behind, I secure the clasp and step into my stilettos. I apply fresh mascara to my already long lashes, my ubiquitous red lipstick (it never rubs off. EVER! Giggle), and pinch my cheeks. What?  I’m French. We’re not huge on blush back home. We have MEN for that! Giggle

I open my laptop and shift the music to Piaf, or Chet Baker. Hey!  I’m a jazz kinda girl.  Barkley listens as the first call cums in and walks down to the beach. I do it all.  Time for an intimate seduction.  Body worship is my THING! I love bodies, male and female. But, I am strictly DICKly as a rule. I love men. of ANY KIND.  I love them tall, short, fat, skinny, hairy, bald, big-dick, or not, panty wearing, nail polish and wigs, quick cummers, and multi-orgasm men!  My pussy gets wet on every call (some more than others. This is life. LOL), and I absolutely salivate with anticipation of the day and what’s to CUM.

Ahhhh! The “special” caller.  As I wind through our story, playing like a movie as I speak.  I can HEAR your breaths, your moans. I SEE you lick your lips, FEEL your cock stiffen against and IN me, your heartbeat’s surge and your palms moisten against my skin. I SMELL the faint remnants of soap and cologne and yes. SOMETIMES FEAR!  LOL.   Our fantasy role play takes us around the world, stopping in eXXXotic locations.  I make love to you on beaches, mountain tops, barns, and haylofts, under your desk at work, or some side alley by a dumpster, shoved against the brick wall as you tear my fancy panties from me before enjoying an “after-dinner treat”, of Joey Juices…

Sometimes, I entrance you with erotic hypnosis, forcing you to do things you would NEVER do!  At other times, I becum YOUR love slave, cum-dumpster, whore.  All part of the sensual seduction.

Point me in any direction and watch me do your bidding!  Need that raise, or a new position? Send me to the boss. New Tesla, or Jaguar. Let ME talk to the Dealer. This pussy never fails. Any time is an eXXXcellent time for an intimate seduction with me.  So, CUM 2 Me. tonight.  Get past the fear. I’m just a girl. Giggle

Fear of Success Will Get You NOWHERE!

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