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Interracial Sex Stories: As you may have read in Part 1 of our erotic sex story, my BBC boyfriend Jayden and I were partying with Sarah and Marcel at my place. The vibes in the room rose to a fever pitch as the night went on, between the shots everyone was doing and all the wild BBC fucking college girls porn we were watching.

Jayden curled a muscled arm around me as Marcel moved to the edge of the sofa nearest to Sarah. Meanwhile, Sarah continued to subtly touch me every so often with casual brushes of her arm against mine. In addition, she even lightly palmed my bare thigh as she leaned closer to emphasize a point in our conversation.

She moved nearer and I inhaled deeply of her provocative scent, not realizing I was doing it. In the background, I sensed Jayden grinning knowingly at us as he watched me realize why she smelled so irresistible. Indeed, I nearly moaned as the heat of her perfume mixed with the irresistible essence of musky, aroused pussy inundated my senses.

Sarah’s glossy, lush lips were RIGHT there, practically daring me to take this to the next level. With this in mind, I kissed her softly at first, my soft lips teasing hers.

Oh yes, so yummy. She tasted like cherries! Mind. Blown. I had to have more! Her arms sliding around me as she purred hungrily into my mouth, Sarah drew me deeper into our kiss. The sensation of her firm, rounded young breasts pressing against mine made me throb all the harder. Mmmm …

I vaguely sensed Jayden and Marcel watching us, but I was so enthralled by the sensual slide of her tongue against mine that they could’ve been on the moon!

I heard the unmistakable sound of a descending zipper. Or two. It could have been Jayden’s, Marcel’s, or both. I didn’t care. All I cared about was feasting upon Sarah’s delicious lips.

I moaned. Almost unbearably turned on, the fact that our boyfriends were watching us made the moment even hotter.

Unable to wait a moment longer, I took Sarah’s hand, drawing her up off the sofa and urging her toward my bedroom with its king-sized bed. Of course, two very horny BBC boyfriends followed us.

It was an incredible, orgasm-soaked, black and white orgy that lasted all night. Want to hear more? Of course, you KNOW you do. Indeed, call your Wicked Angel now for the ULTIMATE in HOT Adult Chat!



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