Interracial sex stories are fun to tell, but even more, fun to make

I love good interracial sex stories and I love watching interracial porn. Seeing that big black cock going into a tight white vagina, or seeing a nice white cock balls deep in a velvety brown pussy.

Lately, my favorite playmates are black. I love a nice, thick cock and they have exactly what I like.  My favorite friend came over just yesterday. He wanted to christen my new room.  I just moved to a new place and I hadn’t gotten fucked in it yet. So Tyrone came over to fix that.

I put on a tight green dress and black heels.  Tyrone knocked on the door, I opened it and pulled him in.  Closing the door, I pushed him against the wall, kissing him, pressing my body against him. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh.

I couldn’t wait to get that big black cock inside me

Breaking away from him, I looped my finger into his belt and pulled him toward my room.  I pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him, grinding against his cock through his pants.  It didn’t take him long to grab me and roll me over. He wanted to be inside me and I wanted that, too.

I watched as he pulled out his big, thick black cock.  He pulled my panties down and over my heels, then he spread my legs wide and shoved his big cock inside me.  I moaned as he moved deep inside my pussy.  As he moved faster, I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer to me, getting every inch of that cock inside me.

He pumped harder, he could tell I was about to cum.  I cried out and came hard on his cock.  He wanted to cum inside my pussy. I told him he could and felt his hot cum fill my pussy.  Breathing hard, he whispered in my ear “This room is officially christened.”

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