I Love Interracial Sex Stories!!!

My boyfriend is black, so all of our sex stories are interracial sex stories.  I love having his big black cock in my tight white pussy. We have some really fun stories, too, we love to have sex in all sorts of places. The last time we had sex, we did it on my kitchen table!

He was over watching tv and I was just so horny. I reached over and started to rub his cock through his pants. He pretended not to notice at first, but his cock started to get so hard he really couldn’t pretend very long.

I got up and slid my panties off as I walked into the kitchen. Austin was right behind me as I got to the table and he pushed me up against it, his cock bulging against my thigh.

He pulled up my thigh and put my knee on the table. I felt his cock sliding against my pussy. He moved his cock along my wet slit, teasing my clit. Slowly he pushed his big black cock into my tight white pussy. I could my pussy stretching around his big cock.

He plowed into me, pounding my pussy hard as I was pressed up against the table. I pulled my shirt off and pulled his hands to my tits. He pulled on my nipples and lifted my other leg onto the table. I felt his hands move to my hips and he pushed his big cock into me even deeper.

He pounded my pussy hard as he was about to cum. I was so loud as I came on his big black cock and then I felt his hot load deep in my pussy.

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