Interracial lovemaking!

Interracial Hardcore lovemaking with a BBC. He came over to my place with his cool laid back demeanor told me he was confident and I like that in a man, I have known him for years he is a bit older than me. We decided to cuddle on the couch and watch some movie that we were only half paying attention to. His warm milk chocolate skin was warm to the touch I wanted our Interracial bodies to intertwine, bringing goosebumps over my entire body. His hand brushed my face as he kissed me his lips so soft pressed against mine, My heart leaping in my chest; I have wanted him for so long!

My skin felt almost feverish as his hands slid down my shoulders till he reached the edge of my shirt lifting it over my head leaving my breasts and stomach exposed, My nipples hardening with the excitement of it all. I got on my knees and undid his pants leaving his erect cock out and ready to be sucked. I swallowed that BBC all the way down sucking and working him making sure he knew how I felt with the power of my blow job.

Interracial Hardcore lovemaking!

My mouth wrapped around him I bobbed up and down playing with his balls and paying attention to his head until he just couldn’t take any more. His skin against mine the passion I felt, it was like we were yin and yang complete in that moment together. So he was Bending me over the couch he slid his cock inside me I was soaking wet for him and the anticipation to have our Interracial lovemaking.

He was so sensual when he touched my back and rubbing and loving my ass while he goes balls deep inside me. My eyes closed to feel the exquisite feeling of him inside me. He came in me like a rush of warm hot squirts I worried it might be a plan B moment.

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