Interactive Sex Stories: Therapy Phone Sex With Dr. Carmen

Interactive sex stories, when explored with an experienced phone sex therapist like me, will provide you with the best orgasmic tension relief!

I have a few callers with specific kinks and fetishes, which we discuss in the confidential and comfy setting of my office. There are many ways to about phone sex therapy, but one rule remains: the more perverse your needs, the greater and thrilling your reward!

Through interactive sex stories, I can probe your dirty secrets and analyze your perversions. But that’s only half of the fun. As a phone sex therapist, my job is to make sure you indulge in your dirtiest perversions from start to finish. A thorough psychological evaluation that ends with confessing to a deviant habit is always charged with sexual energy. I then harness this raw, bestial energy for the rest of our session.

Based on your particular tastes, we can then approach your needs with pain or pleasure sex therapy.

The idea is to place you in some interactive sex stories in which you live out your fetish. You are then rewarded with pleasure or pain. I will give you precise instructions on how to proceed, again based on my assessment as a professional.

My sex therapy sessions might involve role playing, cum eating, or guided masturbation as I describe a scenario tailored to your perverse needs. On the other end of the spectrum, I might instruct you to perforate your balls with a fine needle, or maybe lock your dick in a sharp chastity cage.

Inflicting pain or pleasure at this point depends on which you enjoy the most, so that you may indulge in your fetish as much as possible. The idea is to stimulate a physical response that your body will associate with a particular perversion.

So whether your fantasies involve forced sex stories, incest sex stories or becoming a cuckold, give Dr. Carmen a call and embark on the forbidden journey of reaching ultimate pleasure and satisfaction!

interactive sex stories