Interactive Sex Stories Pt. 2: Votes Are In And Justice Is Served

Dear Perverts, the verdict is in! By an overwhelming margin, you want me to make Eric my little bitch. Surprise, surprise…Thanks for participating in my interactive sex stories project!
It was a lot of fun hearing your responses. Now let’s settle the score, so to speak. Let me tell you what I did to this poor man in Interactive Sex Stories, Pt. 2:


Suddenly, he takes my face in both of his hands and gives me a very earnest, worried look.

“Justice…” Oh my god. Even with a raging hard-on, it seems like he’s about to chicken out on me. I look him right in the eye, he can see the annoyance washing over my face as I tilt my chin down.

“…What? What is it?” He looks at me and I crane my neck up to kiss him.

“I just don’t know…how I feel about this. You know I’m married.” Yes of course I know he’s fucking married. He knows I know he’s married, so I don’t even dignify that excuse with a response. “What’s wrong?” I take my fingertips and trace them lightly up and down his chest.

“Well, Anna and I have been together for…a long time, you know,” he says. “A lot of people don’t know this, but I was actually a virgin when I met her.” Pervs, you have to understand exactly how my mind works by now. As soon as he told me that, a million lightbulbs went off in my head.


“You were a virgin,” I said, looking him in the eye “but you’re not a virgin anymore.”


“Anna’s the only person I’ve ever been with.” My kinky mind lit up like a Christmas tree. His cock was still hard, still pressed up against me. I trace the contours of his muscles with my fingernails, sliding them lower, and lower…

“So I guess you’re still sort of a virgin.” He smiles, looks at me and before he could say anything, I press my finger on his asshole. His eyes get wide and I bite his bottom lip before slinking down onto my knees. “Aren’t you?” This is the quintessential reason married men need sluts like me.

He’s looking down at me as I’m on my knees, tracing the veins of his cock with my tongue.

I take his cock deep into my mouth and start sucking and licking eagerly. Eric is completely speechless. I pull his cock from my mouth tell him to put his hands behind his back and don’t move. I grab him tight by his balls and lead him into my bedroom.

“Get on the bed, on your hands and knees.” He does exactly as I tell him.

I handcuff him to my bedpost, face down, ass up. He has such a perfect body, even more perfect when it’s submissive to me.

Since it’s his first time being treated like the proper slut he’s longed to become, I tell him to close his eyes. I tie a scarf around his eyes and lean down next to his ear and say, “You are all mine.”

I take my quip and trace the leather down his back, his ass and up between his legs. He shivers when I glide it against his tight balls. “It seems I’ve found something that interests you” and I take the quip and rap him on his balls. His body jumps and writhes from the stinging. I take my hand between his legs and caress them with my finger tips and he lets out a loud moan of pleasure. I start spanking his ass with the riding crop alternating licking, stroking and biting his red ass cheeks. He can’t see me get into my strap-on, but I have it ready for him. I get under him and start teasing his cock again, sucking slowly. His face is flushed with pleasure and he’s totally helpless. Finally getting to take him like this leaves my pussy quivering.


Then I reach behind him and put one well-lubed finger in his ass. Then a second finger.

I grab his cock with my hand and put a third finger up his ass. He’s cursing and moaning, never being submissive before. Turns out he’s a natural. I position myself behind him, lubing him up.

“You are all mine, are you?” I ask. He bites his lip before quivering out a “yes”. His submission to me is turning me on so much. I take my strap-on and put it between his legs so he can feel the size of it. “Do you want to feel all of his inside you?” I see his breath quicken, with excitement and a little bit of fear. I smack him hard on the ass. “DO YOU?”

I reach down and start stroking his cock. I can tell he wants it, but he’s afraid to say it.

“If you want me to fuck your ass, you have to tell me you want it.”

“I…I want you to fuck my ass, Justice.”
“Because you know you’re going to love feeling my cock sliding in and out of that tight hole, don’t you?”

“Yes…yes.” I spank him again hard on his ass.

“I always knew you were a filthy little slut.” I grab his ass roughly and I start sliding my cock inside him. I’m not afraid to take my time, but he is loving every inch. “How’s that for you, princess?”


Eric surprises me when he starts backing his ass up on my cock.

He starts working his ass up and down on it and I look down at him, the scene is absolutely glorious. “That’s right,” I say, “show Mommy what a dirty little whore you are.” I don’t know if I have ever seen a guy take a cock like Eric his first time. I was in control, but he was more than willing to show me what a nasty slut he wanted to be. The whole time, letting me spank, pinch and slap him any way I wanted. I spit on his asshole while he rode my cock, reached down, pulled his blindfold off. I took him by the side of the face and he kissed me lustily.

“Please fuck me, Justice” as if he had to ask, “I want to get fucked by you.” I grab him by the hips and start fucking his ass deep at first, and then hard. He looks back at me, watching my tits bounce as I pound his ass and smashes his face against the bed. If this slut were a woman, his makeup would be smeared all over his face and all over the sheets. It was incredible.


His body starts to tense up. I reach down to feel his cock and it’s rock hard.

I pull my cock out of him. “Wait, what – what’s wrong??” He looks at me, defenseless, helpless, desperate, his body twisting, not knowing what happened to him. I crawl up next to him, uncuff one of his wrists and put him on his back and then handcuff him back to the bed. I straddle him with my legs spread wide and I piss on his cock, letting it run down his torso and his balls. “Let me taste you,” I lay on top of him on my back with my legs spread and I spread my pussy lips apart and let a stream of hot piss cascade out of me onto his face. I turn to face him.

He’s been so good, my pussy is on fire. I reward him with my favorite butt plug up his ass. But I’m ready to get my final course; that perfect, glistening cock deep inside me. I start to slide down on him. Perverts, you know how evil I am. I love the guilt that washes over a man when I make him cum inside me. It’s my addiction.

And it was definitely worth the wait.

I start riding him, my piss and pussy juices running down his cock. I’m rubbing my clit while I’m riding him with his cock deep inside me, selfishly taking his cock. It’s so hard that I can feel every single contour inside me. I feel an intense orgasm getting ready to explode in my pussy and I start fucking him harder and he feels my pussy muscles tensing up around his cock and it’s like a vacuum around his cock, sucking the cum out of him. He goes totally rigid, trying to fuck me back while the cum shoots out of us at the same time. Is shoots into me but my squirting forces it down and out, squishing between us.


I uncuff him and he slowly lowers his arms.

“You…might want to take a shower before you go home.” He looks down at his messy cock, splattered with our juices.

“Yeah…I think you’re right,” he shakes his head. I can see that post-orgasm guilt washing over him, my favorite. “Feel free to use the shower.”
“Hey,” he said, “I know I really shouldn’t have done that, but…that was amazing, Justice.”

“Worth it?”

“I never thought something like that could happening to me.”

“Oh shucks. That’s what they all say.”


Interactive sex stories are fun! I love it when you get involved. You know when you call me for some hot phone sex, I love it when you’re an active participant. I love interactive sex stories and I love interactive phone sex. When it’s just me and you, totally in the moment, getting down and dirty, sharing all those nasty ideas.

 Let’s play out our own interactive sex stories together.