It isn’t only men that are seeking me out for playtimes. Women are always hitting on me and I love it. With all this sexiness, I am bound to attract all types of people. Of course, add in my amazing skills and they all come running. I find it an absolute joy to make a woman scream as she is having intense lesbian orgasms.

If you have done calls with me or read my blogs, you know how sexually active I am. There isn’t anything I don’t love in this area. Additionally, as a findom, I love providing Latina Sensual Domination to many of my callers. A lot of my guys find me addictive and intoxicating. Furthermore, they love giving me the tributes I deserve!

It is the same when I am providing Intense Lesbian Orgasms!

The women I am encountering are searching for another lady that can give them what they are desiring. Of course, I am gifted in all areas and able to do just that. Therefore, once we are having sex, they know they are mine forever. Furthermore, when I am giving them the intense lesbian orgasms they need, I am sealing the deal.

They will be knocking at my door for a long time to come. And, that makes me a happy diva. Why, because in return they are giving me my climaxes. As their teacher, I am showing them all the right things they need to know to please women.


Many of these beauties have husbands or partners. It is fun to hear they are introducing their husbands to threesomes with other women. They are into the fun so much, they bring their husbands in on it so they can play all the time. Kinky and fucking awesome!

Their husbands are hitting the jackpot getting two women at once.

When I am with them, it is fun to bring in some men. Of course, I like men who don’t know more than their partners. It is the same with my Hot Phone Sex. I like it when a caller allows me to pick another girl he has never spoken to. There is the mystery of what she will be like during our calls. Of course, I know she will rock our world.

It is the same when I play with the ladies and bring in men they don’t know. Most of the time, the men are there to watch and absorb the experience. However, if one of my female lovers wants to add him, that is fantastic!

I love sexy men as much as women. Getting both at the same time is a thrill.

Watching a lady that is new to stepping out of her comfort zone is sexy. She has been in a safe little box most of her life and now, after a few of my intense lesbian orgasms, she is ready to fly. When we add in a man, she is completely wild and without abandon. It is hot to see her seducing him and then bringing him into the bed to play with us.

All this sexual fun is part of my daily life. And, that life fucking rocks!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke