Start from the beginning of my torturous edging experience by checking out Intense Edging Part 1 and see why this orgasm was so explosive!

I was a little slut who just had to cum. He put his hand over my mound and teased me by tapping his fingers over it and putting just the tiniest bit of my pressure above my clit. He did this until my urge to cum had lessened and I felt frustrated as hell. Then he moved his hand back to my slit but this time only put his index finger in me. He held it against my wet clit and rubbed it slowly, letting my orgasm build again.

My pussy got that familiar throb and I started to breathe heavier. I could feel my juices dripping out of me, sliding down my crack and wetting the sheet under me. Soon I was writhing, moaning and gripping the sheets in my hands when he slowed down to the point where he was barely moving. I lay there panting and moved my hips forward, trying to get some friction. It was useless though and I gave up. A few seconds later he started moving again faster this time. I was pushing against the mattress and crying out loud as it got to be too much.

     Finally I came and he kept rubbing my clit, keeping the pressure on it. I swear my orgasm lasted forever. By the time he slid his finger out my clit felt raw and tingled non-stop. I lay there breathless and sweaty as he said “Perk up a bit, I have not cum yet.” I did not even get a chance to come down properly before he climbed on top of me. So I was sore and achy for days afterward.

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