Intense Edging Part 1

I have a love/hate thing for edging. I love the teasing and build-up, but I hate not getting that extra little rub that could send me over the edge. It’s just so frustrating but so good too. Will was driving me crazy with his fingers but he was careful to keep me teetering on the edge. Man, last night was good.

It was only my first date with Will but we still ended up naked in bed. He was leaning over me and had two fingers inside my pussy, thrusting in and out of me while he sucked on one of my nipples. His fingers kept pumping in and out of me and when I was soaking wet he started to rub my clit with his thumb. It felt so good and I put my hand over him, making him go faster. He took his mouth off my nipple and focused on my pussy.

I tightened and gasped “Keep going, I am gonna cum.” His fingers slipped along my walls and I was just about to cum when he stopped. He slid his fingers out of me and I whimpered. I was so close! He smirked at me and lay down, pretending to ignore me. “Come on, please,” I begged him but got nothing. I rubbed my legs together, trying to keep the feeling but it wasn’t enough. I reached down to stroke myself and he took my hand away. “I need it, please. Just let me cum.” I begged and he put my hand down. “How bad do you want it?” he asked and I told him really bad, I had to have it.

I am not the only one getting edge here 🙂 HAHA! Come back for part 2 of Intense Edging.

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