Anal Sex Masturbation

I was on  phone sex call this evening with a man who absolutely loves asses and anything that has to do with anal sex, anal licking, anal fingering, he loves it all.  What he loves most about anal sex is the idea of inserting various items into the lovely little brown hole. As we played and the phone sex got hotter, first, I was fingering my asshole and it felt good, then  he asked me to look around and find something in my bedroom that I can insert into my pretty little ass.  I looked around and spotted a taper candle that seemed promising.  It was about eight inches in length but maybe a bit narrow.  I held it in my hands and immediately realized it was too flimsy.  I couldn’t have that thing breaking in my ass, now could I?  What else?  The neck of my glass Perrier bottle?  No, the neck was too short and it just didn’t seem right either.  I spied my hairbrush with the rigid handle and grabbed it.  This was it!  My client waited while I lubed up the handle and lying on my side, first I got my asshole ready for this invasion that I knew was going to make my pussy cream so hard. I carefully pushed it into my ass.  Mmmmmmm, those ridges.  I got it in a few inches and then pulled back slowly.  Anal sex with my hairbrush wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  I had to grip the handle firmly and I yelped as I forced it back inside me another inch or two.  Breathing heavily and beginning to perspire a bit, I tried as hard as I could to relax my ass before I gave it another push, cried out and got it inside me another inch.  I screamed as I pulled it out and pushed it back in, over and over, concentrating so hard with the effort that I hadn’t realized my client had already blown his load and hung up on me.   No matter, I played a while longer with my handy toy and enjoyed a nice little orgasm of my own! Who knew that hair brushes could be such fun? If you love anal sex, and phone sex as well, let’s play. I’ll show you how good anal sex sounds with a pro.



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