title_the_girlfriend_experience“C’mere my sexy, young, hot, nymph. You have exactly 3 minutes to wrap your perfect little mouth around this big, hard, piece of meat I have ready for you.”  Ric emphasized each word as he said it.  It had been a tough day and he was going to use his slut to erase all traces of it.

Ric was sitting on the sofa with his over sized cock in his hand. It was standing at full attention craving the attention of his insatiable sexy girlfriend. Strutting down the hallway in tall black heels and a bare pussy I kneeled in front of my man and took his big cock deep down my  throat. Ric held the back of my head and pushed me down on his cock enjoying the feel of my velvety wet mouth.  I felt my gag reflex attempt to kick in.  With mind over matter I opened my throat and took Ric’s big cock in really fucking deep. Ric moaned his approval and started ramming my mouth pulling my head forward each time he thrust between my pretty, red, lips. “You’re such a perfect little slut, I could just fuck you and your mouth all day long!” I felt him tighten up as streams of wet, hot, jizz coated the back of my throat as he unloaded his day. “C’mere you.” Ric purred, he kissed me passionately as his cum dripped from my lips and ran his fingers up and down my gorgeous curves. “You know what I’d like to do to that bitch boss of mine?” he asked as his face clouded over. “I’d like to fuck her ass and make her feel me really fucking deep.” “Make me your bitch boss baby and fuck my hot little ass deep and hard!” I turned and spread my ass cheeks for my man. I knew his aggressive tone meant my sweet little as was going to get a good hard pounding! He pushed his meaty cock in slowly and steadily, feeding off of my moans.  He grabbed my hair and slapped my ass hard while fucking me.  Whack! Whack! Whack! “Fuck my ass hard my baby, don’t stop,” I urged. “You fucking bitch, you filthy fucking slut, take my cock, take every, single, inch.” With those words Ric thrust wildly into my tight juicy ass while all his frustration with his boss kept running through his mind. He pounded steadily into my hungry ass with a unrelenting rhythm. Wetness filled me as he pumped my dirty hole full of his seed.  Then an aftershock shook him, sending more jizz between my sweet cheeks letting out every ounce of pent up frustration.

“I love you Danielle,” he said sincerely.

Your Sexy Insatiable Girlfriend ~ Danielle


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