We’re a couple of perverts in an elevator.

We perverts in an elevator with six neighbors I’ve never seen and a delivery guy with a tall stack of boxes. Like sardines in a can, it’s so hot in here. Twenty-seven floors to go.

That gives me an idea.

I reach behind and you hold my hand but that’s not what I want. It’s sweet and sincere but those text messages you’ve been sending me have me so turned on. Telling me to touch myself. Telling me to send you pictures of my tits. Sending me pictures of how hard you got while you sat in traffic.

I don’t want your hand, I want that hard, throbbing cock of yours.

First stop and only one person gets off. Just one! I want to get off too but I can’t until we get to the twenty-seventh floor.

We’re moving again and there’s just a little more room. We perverts in an elevator. There’s still plenty for me to rub your hardness as you stand back and take it. The tall stack of boxes hides our fun from everyone’s view. Besides, they’re all too tired from their day to do anything but look up.

Next stop and two more perverts in an elevator get off.

I’m so turned on by how hard you are that I’m soaking wet myself. You must have a good stream of precum beading down that gorgeous cock of yours.

One more gets off at the next stop and you’ve started to get handsy. You love when I wear this flowy skirt. I wore it in St. Croix the night you fucked me in the rain. I took off my panties in the bathroom and you bent me over on the walk back to the room. The rain fell on us as you fucked me from behind.  Three floors more and two more get off, we’re just a couple of perverts in an elevator.

We have to be a little more careful or we’ll just have to ask the delivery guy to join in. Maybe he’ll watch as we fuck or I can take both of your cocks at once. One in my mouth and the other in my hot, wet pussy. Or maybe one in my pussy and the other cramming into my tight ass.

Maybe another time; the delivery guy takes his load and exits. We’re finally alone. Now the only load I want is yours and I want it splashed in my mouth and across my face.

The door closes and I drop to my knees.

Your zipper comes undone and your cock is unleashed like a horse running out of the gate. It’s covered in your juices, my god you taste like heaven.

Up we continue, climbing higher and higher as we enter the twenties, making our way to the twenty-seventh.  Just a couple of perverts in an elevator. You hold back my hair so I can work you more carefully, such a gentleman. Or maybe it’s because you want to watch me suck your thick, veiny member.

The elevator slows and you alert me to the fact that it’s not our stop. I couldn’t care less and I’m not gonna stop. You laugh and look up as the doors open to the dirty neighborhood voyeur, your focus on the pleasure I’m giving you and nothing else.

Let them watch perverts in an elevator… bet they’ll decline to get on.

The doors close and up we go, two more floors and we’re still alone. We perverts in an elevator. The person on the 24th can fantasize about what they saw, they can use it to pleasure themselves later.

The elevator slows once more, this time as we reach our floor. As the doors open I slowly walk backward on my knees pulling you along.

You still haven’t given me what I want.

With my leg now in the way of the elevator doors, I continue sucking at your gorgeous cock. I’m not getting up until you’ve shot your hot load where I want it.

The door closes but the elevator is going nowhere.

I’m not done and am not moving until you give me a reason to. You grip the railing on either side of the door and make an announcement. You’re about to cum and give me what I want.

“Give it to me,” I plead from my knees, rubbing your cock on my lips, hoping you’ll shoot a stream of your cum across my cheeks. I’ll swallow whatever makes it into my mouth. This is better than steamy car sex.

“Ohhhhh,” you cry in agonizing pleasure as you unload. So I bask in the warmth as it covers the side of my face. I adore your taste. I swallow whatever isn’t resting on my face. Making sure to catch anything that drips off my chin and lick it off.

I lick once more at your cock and smile as I stand.  We perverts in an elevator. You follow as I walk down the hallway, removing my shirt and the skirt you love. You pick up after me.

Naked, I turn to you and smile.

“Now it’s my turn.”

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