Steamy Car Sex in the Woods

Steamy car sex with my boyfriend. I am riding Teddy in the back seat of the car and I am trying to steady myself by holding onto the headrest of the driver’s seat. It is raining and we can hear the water drops hitting the hood of our car. Inside it is getting steamy. We’ll do it anywhere even be perverts in an elevator. It seems that cowgirl riding in the back seat can create a hot ad hoc sauna environment…

So the thing is that when I am horny, many inhibitions fall. And my urges seem to be more acute. So when we get in the car to go back home, my hands just wander to Teddy’s shorts and then to his crotch. He looked at me with an expression first of surprise. But after the second blink, it is clear to me that I have gained a partner in crime as we have steamy car sex.

“Let’s stop for a quickie in the woods!”

As I pull down his shorts his erection jumps up to greet me. He is ready for action, and I can hear his moan of expectation as I lower my head and start stroking his rod with my hand. My lips touch his bulbous tip and the salty taste of his precum turns my bodily needs a notch up.

I am clutching myself in this pseudo-fetal position to blow him. After a few strokes, I decided I prefer to just ride him. So I move up, placing one knee deep in the car seat, and the other in this semi-standing position. Teddy holds his dick erect for me and I move my hips front and back until we find the right angle of penetration.

The steamy hot car sex is making me so wet.

So taking it slowly and enjoy moving up and down at my pace. I love riding him because it gives me a feeling of control that is hard to have in other positions. I feel how he is opening me up just a bit more every time I slide down.

He pushes himself all the way inside of me. So I realize that our breathing has fogged all the windows. Even if someone would come to check our car they would not be able to see a thing.

I close my eyes and find the right pace that I need to get my orgasmic needs met. The urge is already beyond comfort and more into primal need. The need to have him unload inside of me. The need for my pussy to twitch while he shoves himself deeper inside.

During our steamy car sex, I reach the point of no return. I open my eyes and see the grimaces that he is making. We found a pretty darn good angle and I will be coming very soon. I feel him getting even harder inside of me and this pushes me past the orgasmic goal.

It is fireworks, dizziness, and just plain joy de vivre. Bang, boom, bang. My orgasm hits me and I have to hold on to the headrest again. But Teddy does not stop pumping me. I feel my convulsions take over, and a few seconds later I hear his roaring as he ejaculates his seed inside of me.

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