I enter the bedroom, greeted by candlelight, flickering gently.

As a result, it casts a romantic haze over the room. I can see my lover beneath the cover—her ruffled blonde hair on the white pillow. Those alluring emerald eyes closed, in a dream. Moving closer to the bedside, I can make out her innocently wicked body, the focus of sin and seduction. Gently I pull the cover down and get into bed. She stirs with a soft breath but merely rolls to lay on her back, as I slide in close, feeling the heat radiating from her. I admire her beauty. Her breasts are unrestrained and invite me in next to her.

The breath catches in my throat as it does by such close contact with her innocently wicked body.

My hand reaches out and brushes the surface of her skin. I connect with hot flesh beneath my fingertips and up to the softness of her neck. Her perfect yet innocently wicked body drives me insane. I want more. I move further down the bed, under the sheets. My face moves in to feel her innocently wicked body, against my cheek. Then I turn my head and softly trace kisses over her legs and thighs. I gently urged her to part her legs to allow me access. She is my favorite sex toy.

I catch sight and scent of the core of her passion.

That ultra-soft mound that she keeps smooth and beautiful. Moving between her thighs, she has spread for me. I take a moment to inhale her, lay my face on her innocently wicked body, and then leave a trail of kisses down between her legs. She stirs and moans. Her breath quickens, so I know she is in that perfect place somewhere between sleep and awake. Feeling her innocently wicked body like this arouses my lust even more. I must have her and now.

The hunger can wait no longer to have her innocently wicked body.

My tongue yearns for a taste of her creamy sweet delight, holding on to her hips, I move my head to lick her softly from hole to clit. Sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue. I let go and blow softly on it to heighten the sensation. The candles seem to sense my play and flicker madly. Our silhouettes were dancing on the wall, almost mirroring the dancing beat of my heart, as blood courses through my throbbing cock. Mopping up the glistening beads that have formed at her entrance. My tongue laps it up like a thirsty dog and craves more. The oral attention so delicate yet focused, my tongue flicking over each inch of her innocently wicked body.

I break away and leave a large circle of kisses around, deliberately avoiding her clit.

Then I moved my fingers down to tease her thighs, curling them underneath her bottom to grip her and show her how I need her. Eventually, I can wait no longer. My cock delves inside my lover’s wetness. Filled with greed, I want to be as deep inside her as possible; therefore, I ram her with all my force. Being inside her is always so fucking hot. Her hips rise beneath me to deepen my thrusts. I hold her tight to my chest to feel her panting body. Her thighs tighten around my waist, then, I get that telltale sign of wetness running down my balls as I fill her with my seed.

I pull myself from her and slide back down between her legs.

My tongue dips deep inside her, consequently, tasting the sweet and salty of us mingled together. I circle my tongue tip around her clit and alternate with soft suction and lighter flicks. The combination of movement, and my fingers now deep inside her, as a result, it leads to that back-arching moment I love. Her body urges me, begging for more with that innocently wicked body.

Do you want and need this innocently wicked body? Trust me when I say there’s nothing innocent about this fetish phone sex slut. So, lick me, fuck me, make me scream, kinky phone sex is all I need.