Don’t you just LOVE a good Indian Sex Story?  Then, hold onto your hat!  The Mourning of Muharram, also known as “The Forbidden” has a long history in many countries.  So, I became a slave in India.  Though, I was hired as a governess to small children of a sultan in India, I reported directly to the Raja.

I can’t remember what made me play hardball with the Raja. But, what followed is a blur of emotion as well as physicality.  However, my scars only renew my excitement and memory.  I soak my panties at the thought of walking naked through the streets of Dheli, flogging myself until I bled from my tits, ass, and back.  The smell of raw dick filled the air and I strut like the whore I’d becum.

Self-flagellation is about turning the pain into an incredible orgasm!  How could I cum to enjoy my Slave Sex Story?  That’s right, I crave it!  Nothing cumpared to the feeling of watching the men and women who licked their lustful lips at my beautiful, naked body.  I could nearly read their filthy minds, hear their whispers.

Until one brave soul reached out and grabbed my pussy and pulled me offsides, fingering me like the world was about to end!  I came long and hard, wriggling and writhing like a whore in church, but it wasn’t just the cumming.  It was the lust and the carnality of the crowd all grabbing and rubbing on me that sent me wild with desire.

Now, when I make real love to my man, it’s always tinged with the right amount of blood-letting brutality.  Some like it smooth and easy.  But, I long for it nice…and ROUGH!  And you thought YOU were in need of serious Sex Therapy!  Ha!


Indian Sex Story