My Blackmail Sex Stories keep growing and sometimes, it scares the shit outta me!

So, when my roommate moved out, I needed extra money, fast! I’m not proud of it, but being an executive secretary at a large law firm gives me access to the “petty cash” fund. I took enough to cover the rent, and maybe a little more. After 4-months, I thought it was working smoothly; until Mr. Holmes called me into his office.
“Ms. Sinclair, we have a problem.” he said.
“Wha-what is it, sir?” I stammered.
“So, Watch this!”, he said as he played a DVD of me grabbing $1,000 out of petty cash.
 I realized I was being taped.
“I could fire you now.   Agreed?”  I nodded.
“You like your job?”  I nodded.
“You’ll do anything to keep it?”  I nodded.
“Say it!!!”, he barked.
“I’ll do anything, Sir.”
“Unzip my pants, then take it out, Joey!”  So, I knelt & did it; seeing the bulge in his pants grow.
“As you lick the head & shaft, run your tongue over it.”   But, as I reached it, he grabbed my head & stuffed himself down my throat.
“This is how it’ll be”, he said, cock buried down my throat. “Moreover, you’re gonna bring me lunch 3x-a-week, and accompany me on trips whenever I fucking say! Nod you understand, WHORE!.”  And, with a mouthful of cock, it was tough, but I managed a nod.
“I don’t care about money, but, I needed a way to fuck you!  Your Asssssss! Without warning, he shot-down-my throat & I swallowed.  Now, I’ve got my own Phone Sex Numbers to work my shit out.  Given that, I couldn’t be happier!
Furthermore, HOT SEX STORIES fit nicely for me!  In light of my work. LOL.
In the meantime, I’m waiting on you!